VEGAS Movie Studio 16

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VEGAS Movie Studio 16

Description for old version of  VEGAS Movie Studio

Vegas Movie Studio HD 11



Sony Movie Studio 13

Ultimate Movies Through Vegas Movie Studio HD 11

The Vegas Movie Studio HD 11 offers the use of simple and user-friendly digital video and audio editing tools in order to create multimedia presentations. The different features and options available in this software allow the users to think beyond the norms in order to generate a presentation that can cater for personal or business purposes. The different effects and styles available in this software put glamour and emphasis on the movie to make it more appealing and attractive to the intended audience.

The Vegas Movie Studio HD allows easy importation of raw photos and video files to the project. The software arranges these imported files in such a way that users can easily sort and search for the files that they need.  The drag and drop functionality makes it easier for users to arrange and stylize the movie presentation according to their personal tastes. Users can experiment with how these pictures and clips complement with each other to tell a good story.

They can also enhance the multimedia value of their presentation through the addition of transitions, music, special effects, titles and credits. Amateur moviemakers will also find no problem using this software because the one-click Show Me How tutorials will provide the basic information and walkthrough on how to create the perfect movie.

For video editing, the Vegas Movie Studio HD 11 offers over 500 real-time effects which users can take advantage of for their presentations. The users are given the full control on which frames to apply the effects, the extent and the level of the effect. The users can also see the results of the application of the effect instantly through the preview option. This enables the users to ensure that the level of effect they have applied is appropriate to what they envisioned.

The extensive collection of video effects, text tools and transitions allows the user to play with these to liven up their presentation. Different video enhancement tools needed to control brightness, stability, contrast, colour correction and image restoration are included in the software. May it be intended to be formal, playful or elegant presentation, Vegas Movie Studio HD 11 will certainly give the users the opportunity to create an outstanding movie presentation.

To heighten the multimedia experience, audio editing tools have been incorporated to complement the video editing functions. Depending on the preference of the users, they can import their favourite audio or record narrations to improve the value of the movie. The drag and drop feature applies to raw audio files as well. Audio restoration tools have been built in to the software to reproduce modified music to its original state by removing unwanted noise in the file.

The Sony Sound Series Loops and Sample has also been included in the Vegas Movie Studio HD 11. This contains a broad collection of music and audio from different styles and genres which can be utilized by the users for their own presentation. Users do not need to search for audio from external sources anymore; it had been already incorporated in the software itself.     With all of these in line, Vegas Movie Studio HD 11 is undeniably one of the best software buys by people who want to exploit and play on their creative sides through movie making.

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