Rosetta Stone Italian

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Rosetta Stone Italian

Learning a foreign language can be challenging. Although there are many online websites with guides and important information to guide students learns Italian, it remains challenging. Rosetta Stone Italian is one of the available facilities that one can use in learning Italian language. Knowing meanings of various words and names in Italian language can be challenging to intermediate and beginner students.

As such, whether you have interacted with Italian speaking persons or not, practicing is a very important aspect in learning Italian language. This online resource can be of great help when learning Italian language. Basically, Rosetta Stone Italian is meant for beginners and also intermediate learners. However, you need to put more efforts gain fluency in Italian language to a desired level. With this software, you can achieve this level easily.

Learning Italian language will require you to memorize words and their corresponding meanings and usage. You also need to set realistic goals that you want to achieve within a given time while learning Italian language. This software has features that help the user achieve their goals.


Rosetta Stone Italian is designed by professionals who know that for effective learning, students must learn to associate images with vocabularies. This will also enhance memorization. For many learners, associating images with vocabularies makes learning easier. This is why this software is very effective among students.

Among its important features, include:

  • Listening skills: This software has exercise that helps students understand the spoken Italian. These are very important when students want to improve their listening skills. It is also through listening that a student knows where they are going wrong. This way, they are able to improve on their pronunciation.
  • Progress tracking: The software enables students to track their progress as they learn. Thus, they do not just study blindly. Rather, they know how well they are progressing and improving where necessary.
  • Pronunciation practice: This software allows practicing through a speech recognition feature. As such, students are able to improve on how they pronounce different words as they learn the new language.
  • Conversation Practice: It also enables learners to have a conversation with experienced Italian speakers.

These features are all designed with a sole aim of enabling learners to practice the language. Thus, they not only learn the meanings of different vocabularies, but also how to speak it fluently.

Although Rosetta Stone Italian uses images to train students, some may not be familiar with the image. In such cases, one will need a dictionary to look up for the meaning of the word in a dictionary. Nevertheless, one can start by getting demo software before purchasing it. This will help you find out if the software is appropriate for you or not.

The entire package of this software may be expensive. However, the result that you get after using it effectively is worth the price. It is also available online. Nevertheless, make sure that you get the original version of this software so that you can learn effectively and with ease.

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