Rosetta Stone English (American)

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Rosetta Stone English

Rosetta stone provides an easy, fun way to learn English, with a direct approach that doesn’t clog your mind with information overload. As the highest ranked language-learning software, Rosetta stone seeks to make learning American English, as a second or third language, a fun experience, while simultaneously increasing your fluency. This direct approach is highly effective, because it gives you just enough to keep you on track. Other methods tend to be a little overbearing, requiring you to memorize vocabulary, and still be able to understand, and put into practice, some rather confusing pointers on rules of grammar.

The main concept behind Rosetta stone, seeks to emphasize the learning of a new language in a sought of natural order. No classes, no 12000-page dictionary-a simple aspect of immersion. What does this mean? Well, a product of Allen Stoltzfus, immersion implies integrating oneself into the culture, and learning the language through observation, and interaction. There is no translation, you just have to learn, in this case, American English, by immersing yourself into the culture, and picking up cues-same way you did your first language! It is quite phenomenal, with high level efficacy, unlike anything ever established.

It is all about naturalizing a second language into second nature. The only way to understand a language, and master it, is to understand it’s history, be part of its evolution, and be integrated into the culture that bore it. There is no better way to learn English. What lacked in technological advancement in the past, has today, been supplemented with the most advanced, proprietary speech recognition technology in the world! With a wing span of over 150 countries, Rosetta Stone still ranks as the most elaborate language teacher. It all comes down to effective groundwork. Rosetta stone American English software allows you to develop, from the ground up, a solid foundation of essential language structure, with the aim of helping you share experiences and ideas without as much as a stutter.

When a language is fun to learn, its absorption becomes all the easier. The Rosetta Stone American English software has 5 levels, all of which help you develop fluency in American English. The best, and perhaps most advanced aspect of this software, is its constituent language enhancing games, with live online lessons. These games get you having fun, and picking up a few lessons while you are at it. Rosetta stone helps you fit into a contemporary American society, and not feel out of place. It gives a certain level of mastery that allows you to be an active part of social interactions, build vocabulary, speak, and write without having to refer to a book!

There is no better way to connect, and communicate with the world, than with Rosetta Stone language learning software. The natural order of this learning curve gives you a chance to learn a new language the way you did your first-no tedious vocabulary, no explanations, just fast, easy and fun!

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