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Last update was on: August 1, 2021 8:13 am
Update - 2020.09.16

We have some important announcements regarding pricing on QuickBooks Desktop Products.

We wanted to reach out to let you know that a pricing increase effective 9/21 will be affecting all Quickbooks Desktop Pro, Mac, and Premium products.

  • QBDT Pro & Mac will increase by $100 from $299 to $399
  • QBDT Premium will increase by $150 from $499 to $649

Quickbooks for Mac 2020 Discount Coupon Code

What’s new in Quickbooks 2020

  • Quickbooks for Mac 2019 Features :
  • Quickbooks Mac 2017
  • QuickBooks Mac 2016

  • iCloud Document Sharing
  • Reconcile Discrepancy Report
  • Customer and Vendor Center: Email Tracking
  • Past Due Stamps

  • Faster launch time and better performance
  • Resize columns on invoices, payments, sales receipts, and other forms
  • Print directly on envelopes
  • Easier to fill out timesheets

  • Improved! Faster launch time and better performance
  • New! Now you can resize columns on invoices, payments, sales receipts, and other forms
  • New! Print directly on envelopes
  • Improved! Timesheets are easier to fill out

Quickbooks for Mac 2014: Efficient Accounting Software

Imagine trying to start a business wherein you have to do the computations manually. In just after a few days, your unfinished work starts to pile up until your business ends up being a disaster!

This scenario is exactly what aspiring and professional business people would avoid as soon as they start their business. Since entrepreneurs want everything to fall into place, they utilize every possible tool in their computer that would make their work not just effective, but also convenient and efficient. One of the software most frequently used is Quickbooks for Mac.

Quickbooks for Mac offers a proficient accounting tool for people who are in need of accessible accounting software for their business. Intuit offers customer assistance for people who are having troubles with their software. Highly knowledgeable representatives aid users in order to provide productive performance upon using the tool. It makes business functions, estimations, and customer data more reachable by adding new buttons that were not present in previous versions. Even though encoding data follows a pattern similar to earlier forms, new options of printing and e-mailing the information are present in the latest version. This tool makes it easier to have a hard copy right after computing and previewing the data.

The present version of Quickbooks also offers more detailed and efficient search results based on various criteria selected by users. As you type a keyword in the search bar, the software automatically filters files in order to more easily find data related to the encoded information. The search results automatically update as soon as the user types in the innovative searching feature. In order to make browsing easier for future transactions, Quickbooks also gives the user an option to either delete or save the search history.

The most distinctive feature that the software provides is progress invoicing. Through this button, a Mac user does not have to use other applications to track partial bills – instead, he can charge for the parts that he has finished, no matter how minor they may be. A businessman can choose which parts he will create a bill for, without having to force himself to accomplish the entire task before being able to make an invoice.

Quickbooks for Mac is a helpful tool for businessmen who are in need of an effective means to manage accounting for their business, since this new version has buttons that are accessible for printing and e-mailing, efficient search results, and manageable progress invoicing.

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