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Parallels Desktop for Mac 16 Discount Coupon Code

Parallels Desktop for Mac

Perfect Unity and Harmony: Parallels Desktop

Nowadays, people are looking for flexibility with their gadgets. With the advent of Smart Phones and the release of more cutting-edge gadgets, people look for value for money, getting the right gadget for the job and for the right price. In today’s unparalleled technological advancement, using applications for both work and play has become commonplace. Using these applications may depend on the Operating System of the device. One of today’s leaders in electronics is Apple. Apple has developed several devices such as the iPad and iPhone which utilize Apple’s Mac OS X Lion. Apple’s applications are well-known for their entertainment and play capabilities, but what about work? In contrast, the Windows OS is well known for its office tools. Microsoft office is a well-known tool in creating documents and spreadsheets for office or for school. But how can you combine the play from the Mac OS X Lion and the work from the Windows OS?

Looking for the convenience of running needed Windows programs alongside those fun Mac apps? Parallels Desktop for Mac devices is the perfect solution, combining 2 of the World’s best known operating systems for work and play. A convenient tool for school or work, it can run all those required Windows applications for school and those important business applications for clients and partners alongside Mac’s fun games and applications.

The Parallels Desktop for Mac devices has several new and enhanced features that make this product a convenient tool for running Windows on the Mac. It can run Windows flawlessly on the Mac without having the need to reboot the system.

Enhanced features include:

  • Automatically moves Windows files to the proper Mac folders
  • Being able to choose up to 1GB of video memory for more graphical Windows programs
  • Enhanced 3D graphics to run those detailed Windows programs
  • An easy to use documentation program to simply file searches

New features include:

  • Using Windows programs as if they were Mac apps with the Mac OS X Lion’s features like Mission Control, Launchpad and gestures
  • Using an iPhone or iPad with the Parallels Mobile Pro, allows remote access to Mac and Windows applications
  • Using the Parallels Wizard one can purchase, download and install Windows programs directly.
  • Share iSight or FaceTime HD camera between Windows and Mac applications
  • Run Mac OS X Lion as the guest OS

Parallels Desktop for Mac merges both the Mac OS X and the Windows OS into a single system where work and play are joined in perfect harmony.

Parallels Desktop 16 for Mac Discount Coupon Code
10% Discount Coupon Code – Parallels Desktop for Mac 16.5

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