Paragon Drive Copy 12 Professional

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Paragon Drive Copy 12 Professional

Newer and better personal computers are being introduced to the market each day. Although you really want to upgrade your machine, you keep on holding back because of the tiring task of reinstalling your important applications and files. Or perhaps you have misplaced your original installation CDs! If you belong to this category, then all these obstacles have been eliminated for you by Paragon Drive Copy 12 Professional software.

Paragon Drive Copy 12 Professional accelerates migration of software from one drive to another using a convenient Migrate HDD wizard. With this wizard, you can easily upgrade your hard drive, use your computer in a virtual environment or transfer your operating system to a new disc drive. Paragon Drive Copy 12 Professional goes beyond possibilities to let you clone your OS to a portable USB drive, and then use the drive on any other independent computer to access all your applications, files, settings and drives. This is definitely a new unique phenomenon that you haven’t heard from anywhere!

Besides providing a full support for copying individual partitions or the entire drive, and transferring your system to a virtual environment, Paragon Drive Copy 12 Professional has a user friendly interface  that is refined for all users be it a novice, advanced or professional. So you thought that was all? Paragon Drive Copy 12 Professional contains a wizard that will enable you to migrate your OS from your plate-based hard drives to super fast and cool Solid State Drives and super-huge hard disks. With an added feature enabling a user to utilize 100 percent of hard drives, you will be able to use all the available space on high-capacity drives running up to 2.2 terabytes.

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