Mizuno Men’s Wave Creation Running Shoe

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Last update was on: September 22, 2020 8:51 am

Running is gaining its massive popularity as a means of getting fit and weight loss. Some use it their stress relief or simple to enjoy the great outdoors. Many beginners as they start running have bad form that results to insufficient energy distribution and makes them more prone to having injury. Coaches and veteran runners recommend people to do mid-foot striking rather than heel and forefoot when running. Though each person has his or her own stride and the way everyone runs is different from one another, some or if not most say that mid-foot running style is the way one’s supposed to run.

Wave of Design

Mizuno Men’s Wave Creation 12 Running Shoe

Mizuno has an answer to support the runner’s mid-foot strike and helps runner maintain and distribute the foot’s energy during impact. The Mizuno Wave mid-sole design is the company’s flagship running shoe technology. The design helps direct the force out of the feet during running which helps disperse energy and keeps the foot in the middle. Another difference of this design from most runner shoes is that it is a mechanical based concept rather than using foam and other soft materials to cushion an redirect the impact. Aside from this the Wave design is light weight yet durable. One of the best shoes made by Mizuno that features this design is the Mizuno Men’s Wave Creation 12 running shoe. This model offers a stable yet firm ride with cushioning. If has a breathable upper with the Dynamotion Fit design of Mizuno that hugs the feet for a very good fit which helps lessen stress on the sides of the feet. This is recommended for those who have normal pronation but needs a stable and cushioned ride, perfect for those runners who have a neutral gait. The Mizuno Men’s Wave Creation 12 running shoes also have the SmoothRide design gives enough flexibility and supports the feet during transition.

Reviewers of this shoe noticed that this shoe has a lot of durable material that helps in impact protection and highly recommends its design for bigger and heavier runners that need more support. Some users say that this shoe is firmer than most running shoes but some actually prefer that kind of shoe design when they run. But all in all, this shoe is very well designed as the mechanical Mizuno Wave design is actually what runners want rather than settling for those shoes with a soft cushioned design. The Mizuno Men’s Wave Creation 12 running shoe is available for 140 bucks in your favorite sports outlet stores.