Microsoft Project Standard 2016

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Microsoft Project Standard 2016

  • Project scheduling & costing
  • Manage tasks
  • Reporting & business intelligence

Microsoft Project 2010

Microsoft Project Professional 2010

Microsoft Project 2010: What Could You Do?

What could you do with a Microsoft Project 2010? Projects and timeframes are two very connected things when it comes to businesses. A project done on time is a project that could benefit the company in time. Project management is a valuable skill to learn, and one that could help you get the best out of this Microsoft product. But what could you really achieve with it?

Managing, scheduling and viewing your projects could be as easy as A-B-C with Microsoft Project 2010. With the help of users using the same interface, you could manage projects, see if everything is going according to plans and timeframes and make certain changes if need be. Connect with them and make decisions based on analysis of the project scope and many other data. Microsoft Excel has long been used for this purpose, but Microsoft Project 2010 is better, more functional, more specific and definitely more educational. And while Excel is concentrated more on the data, Project is definitely concentrated on the project itself and how it is unfolding.

Set up your projects, work with them, control them, create a schedule and follow it (or not!) – the project is yours with Microsoft Project 2010.