Microsoft Project Professional 2016

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Microsoft Project Professional 2016

Smart setup:

  • Fast startup
  • Best-in-class templates
  • Intuitive search

Powerful scheduling:

  • Familiar charts
  • Smart automation
  • Multiple timelines

Optimized task management:

  • Visualized relationships
  • What-if planning
  • Synchronized task lists

Resource management:

  • Consolidated view
  • Optimized resources

Integrated collaboration:

  • Skype for Business
  • Connected apps
  • Collaborative workspaces
  • Project Online Premium and Project Server sync

Better decision-making:

  • Project reports

Microsoft Project Professional 2013

Microsoft Project Pro 2013

Microsoft Project Pro is designed in a way that enables it to let you plan and collaborate projects. It has features that let you do that from virtually any location. This facilitates keeping projects on the right track as well as ensuring proper organization.  Basically, this is one of the applications that have been designed specifically for effective project management. It works well with cloud services and other Microsoft applications. It can also be connected to servers or even as a standalone application.

Do more with Microsoft Project Pro

This application comes with reporting tools that are designed to give you a familiar experience if you have been using Office. However, these tools enable you to determine progress easily and quickly. It is also possible to design and even print reports. You can share insights using this app for better communication and fast results. It also lets you to copy information from your project easily such as email and PowerPoint. You can also save important details and plans to SharePoint or Office.

Knowing details of your project is now easy. The application lets create a site for your project with just a few clicks. You can easily share details of this project within the team and keep others connected, informed and organized. You can also set your tasks to inactive position to analyze different scenarios without interfering with the entire project. Using Office 365, it is possible to send messages instantly and initiate real-time conversations from your project.

Basically, this application is designed in a way that makes it possible to develop a plan, assign resources to various tasks, manage budget, analyze workloads and track progress. Currently, Microsoft Project Pro is the latest version with better features and functionalities than previous versions such as the 2010, 2007 and 2003 among others.

(Microsoft Project Pro 2013)