Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016

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Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016

Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016

This version of the Microsoft Office softwares offers more administrative features that is suited for business and corporate work. Features such as data loss protection, multi-factor authentication among others are intensified and updated, further ensuring the safety and security of your documents, as well as easy management and navigation.

Overall, Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote are individually gives emphasis on collaboration and business intelligence, as well as incorporating images and numbers, making sure that all users won’t need to know much about the technicals to fully make use of their service.

It’s version of Microsoft Word has a new Design tab provides quick access to features, and a Smart Lookup addition that shows relevant contextual information from the web directly inside Word.

From planning meetings to plotting events, to creating professional-looking documents, presentations and sheets, the Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016’s got you covered.

You can easily store your files online, work, edit, create and revise your documents wherever you go, on the go, as well as invite others to review and edit them with you.

Microsoft Office Home & Business 2013

Microsoft Office Home & Business 2013

Microsoft Office Home & Business 2013 is no doubt an impressive product. It is specially designed to offer the best experience on different word documents. The product includes different programs on one windows PC. Therefore, you can easily create and communicate efficiently with time saving features. It comes with a clean modern look across different programs. With the program, you can also save your documents in the cloud SkyDrive to access theme whenever and wherever. What’s more, when using the product, you can easily check your appointments, contact details, emails and outlook without necessarily changing the screens.

Microsoft Office Home & Business 2013 enables you to see only the tools you need on Microsoft word document. What’s more, you can open a document in PDF format and edit the content to suit your personal needs best without any problem. It also enables you to show your style by using different word templates in more than 40 categories. On Excel, the product comes with new functions in math and trig. They also include statistical, date and time, lookup and reference, text function and statistical among other functions. There are also recommended charts button that allows you to enter the right data and edit without a problem.

0n PowerPoint, the product enables you to access the best presentations. You can easily access your notes while your audience on the other hand gets to see the slides only. On OneNote, the product allows you to edit using your finger because it is a touch capable device. On Outlook, the device you can easily access and collect key details about the contact all in one place.

Generally, Microsoft Office Home & Business 2013 is an incredible product and offers you something different. It guarantees you the best experience on different word documents. It comes with multimedia formats and high definition content.

Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010

Microsoft Office Home & Business 2010

The Microsoft Office Home & Business 2010 is quickly gaining reputation in the market. Coming from one of the giants in technology, it isn’t surprising that more and more individual are learning towards this package for prepping their home and business computers.

Product Features
  • It contains five different program including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook.
  • Word allows users to create highly polished letters ranging from business documents to student reports.
  • PowerPoint makes it easy for individuals to create and customize their presentations depending on their needs.
  • Outlook consolidates email information for users, making them perfect for business contacts.
  • OneNote is well known for its ability to organize user information.
  • Excel provides some of the best formula for creating charts and assessing hard data.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Available at an adequate price.
Product Advantages

With five core program to its name, it isn’t surprising that the 2010 Microsoft Office Home & Business is more popular than most. It’s actually perfect for small businesses that need to keep track of their contacts, finances and various transactions online.

The Microsoft Office Home & Business 2010 package also boasts of the Office Web Apps. This makes it possible for individuals to access, edit and share their files from any computer as long as they have internet connection. This makes for an excellent back up, guaranteeing that users will never lose important data regardless of any computer problems they might experience.

As for user issues, the 2010 line is remarkably easy to learn. In fact, it’s just a polished up version of the 2007 line, which means that those who purchase the brand would have no problem adapting to the new system. Personalization options are also possible for those who want to make sure that their computers have their mark. Depending on what the user needs, the 2010 package allows individuals to learn and manipulate certain factors to achieve the kind of results they were hoping for.

Product Disadvantages

There aren’t that many disadvantages when it comes to this product. The main argument for buyers is that it is too pricey as a person home package. A lot of people are also unfamiliar with the OneNote software and typically do not take the time to learn and install the program.

For those who want to find out more about Microsoft Office Home & Business 2010, try reading different reviews about the product. So far, this particular package has been gaining popularity despite the release of a 2011 model. It is advised that buyers first find out their system specification before choosing to purchase the product.

System requirements include but are not limited to:

–          A processor that is 500 MHz or faster

–          A 256 MB RAM or higher although a 512MB would be best.

–          Required available hard disk space at 3 GB

–          Resolution monitor should be set at 1024×576 or more

–          Operating Systems may be Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 with SP2, Windows Server 2008, Vista with SP1 and more.

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