75% Discount – McAfee Internet Security 2021

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McAfee Internet Security 2021

  • Defends against viruses and internet dangers.
  • Web safety tools can help you stay safe when surfing the web.
  • Customer service Free 24/7.
  • PC’s, Macs, Smartphones & tablets are protected
  • Never forget a password again using Password Manager.

McAfee Internet Security 2020 Discount Coupon Code

McAfee Internet Security 2021 Discount Coupon Code

Features of the Mcafee Internet Security

The McAfee Internet Security includes all the necessary protection against viruses, spywares, malwares, worms and Trojans that can be hiding in attachments or suspicious links. It has McAfee’s trademark ActiveProtection that continually scans any incoming program for potential danger and infection to keep the computer protected.

McAfee Internet Security Discount Coupon Code

For safer browsing, banking and shopping, the McAfee Internet Security prevents unauthorized third party to access any sensitive information like credit card numbers and passwords. Through its color-coded scheme, it will identify safe and potentially harmful sites that would install malicious software, send spam or phish for identity. The McAfee Internet Security can also block any dangerous spam that could cause potential damage to the computer. The parental controls feature would allow parents to let their children browse and learn online but at the same time, blocks inappropriate content and sets a time limit for their children’s access. There are adjustable categories that would help parents identify sites that should be opened. Parents can also monitor the user’s activities such as login attempts, who accessed forbidden sites, the total time of usage and who’s online real-time through the surfing report.

The Digital Data Shredder, another trademark feature of the McAfee Internet Security, removes sensitive data when the computer is borrowed, sold or upgraded. Files can also be stored in an encrypted and password-protected cloud. The McAfee Internet Security provides an online backup for personal music, photos, videos and other files which can be conveniently accessed anywhere and shared according to the user’s preference.

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