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McAfee Antivirus Plus

McAfee Antivirus Plus is the next step to ultimate protection. Its relentless security scans guarantee to block malicious emails and websites before the risk even begins. Viruses, rootkits, Trojans and spyware cannot reach you and your computer thanks to the two-way firewall that comes only with this product.

Its colored icon feature can warn even children who can barely read whether a website is malicious or not, making it perfect for parents who do not have the time to monitor their children’s Internet activities.

McAfee Antivirus Plus prevents computer slowdowns by removing all the junk stored in your computer.

It’s the ultimate guard that protect you and even enhance your PC’s performance.

McAfee Internet Security

McAfee Internet Security, the most comprehensive and effective tool that can protect you against virus and other online threats provide layers of security that even professional cybercriminals will have a tough time breaking.

With McAfee Internet Security, you do not have to worry about accidentally sending your private information and identify to crime networks all over the Internet. It immediately blocks botnet software before it can connect to your computer.

Its secure data shredder guarantees that sensitive information are not retrieved from your computer.

With McAfee Internet Security, you do not have to live your Internet life with a limit!

McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Total Protection can help secure your computers against the threats of your Internet activities. Its real time antivirus, firewall, spam filter, parental control and anti-malware guarantee protection against phishing, identity theft and hacks.

Its encrypted online vault guarantee zero amount of loss of private data. You can keep important information such as your tax records, social security number, bank accounts and other treasured digitized item from being stolen from you.

McAfee Total Protection utilizes its encryption technology to ensure safe access to social networks and other websites shared by your family and friends.

With McAfee Total Protection, identity thieves are always at bay.

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