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New version of Laplink PCmover Professional

New Features:

  • Auto Connect
  • Improved Application Processing
  • Streamlined User Interface
  • Faster Transfer
  • USB 3.0 Support

Other Features:

  • User Profile Selectivity
  • Undo Feature
  • Includes Free Transfer Assistance

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Laplink PC Mover

Laplink PCmover discount coupon codeKnow more about Laplink PC Mover

Laplink PC mover is the best system migration software, by the use of which a user can easily transfer programs and files in the easiest and safest way. It is of great use to one who has replaced his old system with the new one, yet forgotten to transfer all the important files and programs from the old system or computer. The best attribute about Laplink PC mover is that it is very easy to use. Previously, migrating all the programs and software from the old system used to be a tedious and an equally tiring process. However, since the advent of Laplink PC mover, system migration has become as easy as 1-2-3!

Laplink PC mover has got the best reviews as the best migration software, and has scaled in popularity within a short time frame. The transfer process generated by this software is fast and also secured. Laplink PC mover has several features to render a complete user friendly benefit, and to ease one’s process of system migration. Some of the attributes can be highlighted as:

Application, Folder/File select

This feature of Laplink PC mover gives its user the option to choose which software or programs he desires to move. The user can select the file or folder he desires to be migrated in the new system and Laplink PC mover will do it for you.

Upgrade Help

The best highlight of Laplink PC mover by far! This option is to be used by the user who wants to upgrade his system. Likewise, if an user wants to upgrade to a Windows 7 from an XP or a Windows Vista, Laplink PC mover will do the needful.

Profile Selection

This attribute of Laplink PC mover helps in saving its users time in re-setting of the profiles after they have been transferred from the old system. With Laplink PC mover, one could transfer all the profiles from the old system without disturbing their settings.

Undo option

In this option, any accidental transfer carried out by the user will be rectified. All the user has to do is use the Undo option, and Laplink PC mover will take care of the file or the program which has been transferred to the new system by mistake.

No Overwriting

By this option, the user can take a sigh of relief, in case he has transferred any software which is already pre-installed in the new system. By clicking on this option, Laplink PC mover will take care to make sure that pre-installed software on the new system shall not be overwritten.

Compatibility feature
Laplink PC mover is compatible with almost all the systems. While many other software frown with the mention of a different platform or change in technology, Laplink PC mover reciprocates to most of the systems and computer platforms. In this context, the user can migrate the old system to a totally newer platform such as Intel based MAC! All the user of Laplink PC mover has to do is run VMware fusion before migrating a Windows PC to a MAC.

Undoubtedly the best migration software of today, Laplink PC mover provides you with ample of freedom in order to garner transfer system using USB, or Laplink Ethernet Cable, or just your network. Laplink PC mover aids its customers in providing efficient customer support in real time. Customers can also ask their queries by phone, wherein one is sure to be rendered with a systematic, well versed, step-by-step guide to assist your system migration. When one is looking out for a system migration support, there is nowhere to look except at Laplink PC mover, where all your system migration needs will be satisfied.

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