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Keep malware and other threats out of your Mac, prevent strangers and unknown applications from gaining access, backup your important files, find and delete duplicate files, clean and organize your Mac, reclaim valuable disk space, and provide your family with safe, appropriate Internet access.
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Intego Internet Security X9 discount coupon code

Features of the Internet Security Barrier X6

Intego’s new Internet Security Barrier X6 includes a lot of added features into the whole package of protecting your computer against threats such as viruses, malware and spyware designed for Mac. It includes ContentBarrier 10.6, the parental control program for Mac that can also work for businesses. The settings can be adjusted according to which sites should be blocked and different settings can be used depending on the children’s age. It can also be adjusted to block peer-to-peer or file sharing protocols and FTP sites. Parents can also control which files they can download and what time the children can access the computer. The ContentBarrier can be set to send email alerts when something occurs and it can also run reports so parents can monitor their children’s computer activities. ContentBarrier 10.6 is compatible with the Mac OS X and can work with multiple users.

Internet Security Barrier X6 also has a personal backup system with three different settings. The iPhoto albums and iTunes files can be backed up or documents can be synchronized at different locations. There’s the bootable backup for the whole Mac OS X and restores files as it backs up.

The Personal Antispam feature is compatible with the Apple Mail application that the user can control. It has a Lexical filter that scans specific words, whitelist filters that have email addresses cleared of threats, and a blacklist filter that contains emails tagged as spam. This Personal AntiSpam also looks at specific headers and HTML layout that can normally be found in spam messages. Internet Security Barrier X6 also includes FileGuard 10.6 that keeps files safe in external drives and file servers.

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