Instant Immersion French

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Instant Immersion French

Instant Immersion French is one of the best options to learn French in a short period. It is packed with great features to make learning French very easy and enjoyable. With all the fundamentals of French clearly relayed and integrated in every lesson, there’s no wonder you’ll learn to speak French fluently even without attending school.

Learn correct pronunciation and accent by the help of its speech recognition software. Speak French fluently through immersion on interactive activities, games, and instructions.

Benefits and Features

– Includes 9 discs: 6 CDs for audio activities and instructions, 1 DVD ROM for language program, 1 DVD that contains interactive videos, and 1 CD ROM that contains games like Who is Oscar Lake

– Includes enormous collection of phrases and vocabulary words.

– Can provide you a CD for the audio course, a DVD for interactive activities, and more games to enhance your learning.

– Includes a complete feature tracking system which records every score you get from every quiz. The tracking system shows a comprehensive data of your progress.

– Learn what you want and not what is assigned to you. You can choose your own topic because Instant Immersion French is not encouraged by a fixed program.

– Learn French even if you are far from your computer because there are available French lessons that can be used in MP3 player or any mobile device.

– Incorporates a speech recognition program which makes it easy to check the correct pronunciation and accent of words and phrases by listening and comparing to the native speakers of French.

– Consisted of three levels where each level consist 2 discs: level one shows and will teach you the basics of French, level two uses dialogues and phrases to teach you more about French fundamentals, and level three contains more advanced dialogues and phrases.

– Easy to install software.

– Uses images to associate with words which create higher percentage of retention.

– Includes culture lessons and traditional textbook-like entries.

– You can check your French by taking up the quiz given after every lesson.

Though Instant Immersion French is not a perfect software but it is competent compared to other language software.