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Genie Timeline Home 10 Discount Coupon Code

Genie Timeline Home 10

New Features:

  • Compatible with Windows 10.
  • Improved backup speed, restore speed and the Email Notifications engine.
  • Genie Timeline is now lighter on your system.

Enhanced Features:

  • The Block Level engine for backing up Outlook.
  • Importing backups from other machines and previous Windows installations
  • The tree-view of the Data Selection window.

Genie Timeline Home 2017

  • Simple and Easy
  • Merges with Windows
  • Automatic
  • On the go
  • Backs up all your important data
  • System Recovery
  • Fast and lightweight

Genie Timeline 2012

Genie Timeline Home Discount Coupon Code

  • Genie9 has recently launched Genie Timeline 2012 the successor of Genie Timeline 2.1 which has a lot of enhancements and a great new GUI; enhanced performance, and much added features.
  • Genie Timeline 2012 runs in the background, intelligently backing up the selected files. Which is where you may begin to notice another major improvement in Genie Timeline 2012: the backup speed now is up to 2x faster than before.

What’s New:

  • 2x faster than previous versions
  • Simple and elegant interface
  • File retention by days
  • Backup schedule by date
  • Machine level deduplication
  • and much more!
  • And the list of improvements goes on:
  • like Protection level to indicate the health of the backup,
  • Timeline view to recover from any point at time,
  • internal deduplication which makes better use of your backup space by avoiding storing multiple copies of the same file.
  • And a new Disaster Recovery startup engine will help you to restore your PC to full working order if it all goes wrong.
  • As with previous editions, Genie Timeline 2012 will come in three editions: Free, Home and Professional.

Genie Timeline Description:

  • Genie Timeline is a data back-up application that provides back-up on files and other data on the computer that you need to secure. This is a form of data protection software that allows ease of installment and convenience of use. The application is user-friendly with its help wizards that will guide the user on the process of backing-up their files. The user can choose which files are to be backed-up and he will also have the option on which folder to place the backed-up documents. Genie Timeline provides other more interesting and helpful features for the users.
  • The interface of the application is easy to understand and the control tools are easy to navigate. The process of backing up files is made easier through the labeled steps to take and the tutorials available. Even the automatic installment is simple and easy.
  • A password is created for each account in the application. This provides the security of the backup files. All of the data transfer will require the user’s authorization. The password needs to have a code of at least 256 bit.
  • Help and customer support is also available for Genie Timeline through emails and forums. There is also a page for FAQs that can provide solutions to mostly all of the installment and usage problems the user may encounter.

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