eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method v3

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Last update was on: January 25, 2021 1:51 pm

eMedia Piano & Keyboard Method v3

“The thought and effort put into this application are amazing. It is very usable, pedagogically sound and enjoyable to use.”
– Douglas Matheson, Mac Smart

Anyone who’s ever tried to learn how to play piano knows how challenging it can be. It can also prove to be a rather expensive prospect when you’re paying an instructor for each and every lesson. Thankfully, the technology of today offers a solution so these tough economic times won’t hinder you from learning to play this well-beloved instrument. With eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method Version 3, you will have the luxury of software that’s as competent as any piano instructor but at a fraction of the cost. You’ll also have the added convenience of taking your piano lesson any time you want instead of having to accommodate the schedule of an instructor thus making this perfect for people who have always wanted to learn to play piano but could never find the time.

This software features lessons from Irma Irene Justicia so it’s like having one of the world’s greatest music teachers in the comfort of your own home. Justicia teaches at the prestigious Julliard which is known for producing the cream of the crop when it comes to musicians. She also has a Master of Arts in music so you know you’re getting good value for your money once you activate your software to have a lesson with her. Each lesson will take you through each step in the process of learning how to play so you’ll be certain to get maximum comprehension. There are also video demos provided so you can actually see what you’re meant to be doing thus making the margin for error minimal.

Hook up a microphone to your computer and let the software hear how you play. It will then correct any mistakes thus helping you improve like any real instructor would. There’s even a keyboard animated on the screen to guide your fingers every step of the way.

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