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Color grading software is an essential tool for making impressions, telling stories, and evoking responses from your video viewers. ColorDirector is a way for video color editors of all skill levels to dramatically improve their projects. Think of it like Lightroom for video. Use advanced tools to control color and lighting for outstanding results!
Cyberlink ColorDirector 9 Ultra Discount Coupon Code

Cyberlink ColorDirector 9 Ultra Discount Coupon Code

About the old versions of Cyberlink ColorDirector

CyberLink ColorDirector 3 Ultra

Cyberlink ColorDirector 3 Ultra – What’s New

Cyberlink ColorDirector 3 Ultra comes through with one of the most compelling updates to video editing software that you are going to see today. This upgrade allows you to create compelling cinematic stories with the ease of a Hollywood editor. The suite allows anyone to master performance art and videography for editing, creating, and publish intuitive videos, movies, and more. In this latest update the software takes things up a notch to create marketing elements a part of the video projects for personal and commercial use. The following are some of the new elements that you will get when you pick this up.

Toning Splits

The first thing that you are going to see is that you are going to be able to split the tones of your videos on the fly, and create dual modes. You can update the tone, change the highlighting, make images look older, newer, and create layered visuals that are definitely going to make your projects step to a more professional light with ease.

Color Tinting

One of the most compelling updates is that of the tints now offered for videos. You can now add tinting to the overall video, to sections, and give it a more shadowy effect. Test this option out and you will create atmosphere in your videos that are not going to be easy to take your eyes off of, especially when you see the end results moving through a lot of arenas.

Every Format

With the latest iteration of the Cyberlink ColorDirector 3 Ultra software, you are going to get the every so popular H.265 upgrade, plus every format that you can think of in box. Not only that, you will be able to edit and create 4K high definition files without additional software elements.

The Cloud (Security)

Cyberlink now offers Cloud Service and it can host your videos and support faster streaming, with safety in mind. The encrypted access will not only store your files, it will protect them from nefarious characters that may want to take your data. Security, storage, and simplicity all come into fruition when you look at this option.

As you can see the updates given to the Cyberlink ColorDirector 3 Ultra are compelling to say the least. If you are looking for a complete solution for video editing after the footage you’ve taken is in your hands, this will bring about great overall opportunity. Your imagination can create amazing results with this software.

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