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Cyberlink AudioDirector 11 Ultra Discount Coupon Code

Cyberlink AudioDirector 11 Ultra Discount Coupon Code

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CyberLink AudioDirector Ultra Discount Coupon Code

CyberLink AudioDirector 5 Ultra – What’s The Latest?

CyberLink AudioDirector 5 Ultra has released a slew of updates to their latest software. For those that are looking for audio software to control everything that comes alongside mixing audio, this is going to impress. The integration between the other software packages from CyberLink makes this a must have for anyone that is working with media at any level. You can edit sound, videos, movies, and anything else you can think of when it comes to just about anything your imagination can think of. With that in mind, consider the following updates to the software that have come out with the 5th iteration.

Restoration Tools

The update for this iteration relies heavily within the restoration tools now in place. You will be able to push through edits, updates, removals, pop clicks, noise, and so much more. If you have a shaky audio footage, you can clean it all up and adjust things for publishing. The updated elements allow for easy fixes in post-production.

Vocal Changes

Vocal changes and transformers have all been upgraded to create intriguing vocal ranges, changes, fixes, and presets. You can record, distress, edit and so much more with vocal ranges. The vocal elements are bar none a great push upwards.

Clip Sounds

AudioClipper allows you to clip specific sounds within an audio or video project and use them later. This is an iPhone exclusive element and allows you to use your smartphone on the fly, in conjunction with the software. It’s an easy to use element that is a welcome upgrade to this software package.

New Mixer

The mixer view is upgraded, and has a visual design element that is definitely stellar. It’s been completely changed to create a more enhanced, reliable, and sustainable vantage point. It becomes easy to track, edit, and move sound like a professional.

The Surround Change

Enhancements to the Dynamic Surround Sound Panner has been put into place to create faster templates. This pushes the audio ranges upwards, and gives you control to manually move recording tracks across several layers.

As you can see, CyberLink AudioDirector 5 Ultra has been upgraded and enhanced to create a complete audio editing package at a price you can afford. It’s a standalone software package that truly develops quality audio into professional grade publishing solutions. With an enhanced user interface, and integration with CyberLink’s other options, makes this a must own for anyone that wants to upgrade their audio recordings.

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