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BullGuard Antivirus

With a logo featuring a bulldog and a motto of “Safe. Simple. BullGuard”, you get the idea that the company behind this antivirus software means business. They don’t beat around the bush. What they are selling is protection for your computers and that’s what you’ll get when you buy their BullGuard Antivirus.

When it comes to keeping your laptops and other computing devices safe, they do keep their word. They employ tools that help detect viruses and other suspicious files early to keep them from doing damage. Early detection is the key ingredient and the main reason why BullGuard Antivirus is among the best in its field.

As proof of its effectiveness, BullGuard has received numerous certifications including the much sought after VB 100 certification from ICSA labs, AV-Test labs and other bodies. The VB 100 certification is issued by Virus Bulletin and indicates that BullGuard protects from the so-called in-the-wild viruses.

Among the many positive points of this antivirus solution is its Behavioral Detection feature. It is responsible for detecting viruses before they enter the virus signature database. By identifying such suspect files earl on, BullGuard succeeds in fighting off zero-day attacks. Its Safe Browsing feature is another means of detecting and preventing viruses. With this feature, there are fewer worries to think about while you are surfing the Internet particularly with Bing, Google and Yahoo. This feature flags websites that may be infected which prevent you from unwittingly downloading programs with malware and other viruses. BullGuard does not only prevent such problems but it also erases existing viruses and other threats.

To keep your laptop further protected, BullGuard Antivirus automatically updates every couple of hours. If you wish to adjust something with this feature you can do so manually just by clicking on Check for Updates.

When it comes to ease of use, BullGuard stays true to its motto. Understanding and using the software is easy due in large part to a simple interface. In fact, normal folks (those who are not computer geeks and tech experts) can easily navigate the process using only the instructions on the interface.

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