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Bis zu 56% Rabatt auf ausgewählte Produkte + Premium VPN

Bis zu 56% Rabatt auf ausgewählte Bitdefender Produkte + Premium VPN für nur 29,99 € erhalten!
Start date: July 1, 2021 End date: August 13, 2021
Bis zu 56% Rabatt auf ausgewählte Produkte + Premium VPN
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  • #1 rated security solution according to AV-Test, July 2011
  • Autopilot mode – get a hassle-free experience with your security product
  • Dedicated social networking security feature to protect against e-threats and privacy settings
  • Rescue mode for completely eliminating security threats
  • Safebox – online backup & file synchronization

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Bitdefender Anti Virus products are worth looking at when you are trying to find the best software for the price. If you own a computer and do not have a virus protection software running at all times you are taking an extreme risk. The Internet has become a dangerous place for computers and even simple tasks that used to be safe are not any longer. Years ago, you could get away with not running a defender and just being cautious, but this is no longer the case. If you are not running a virus program, you will without a doubt end up getting some sort of threat on your computer. Bitdefender 2013 Total Security is a great program, and below you will find the software review. Once you have a better understanding of this program you will be able to make an educated decision whether or not you will be there next satisfied customer.

Bitdefender is well known for their strong programs and their ability to create software that incorporates all the tools a customer is looking for. Additionally, they are famous for incorporating little useful tricks throughout their products. With many different payment options and packages and some great features, Bitdefender is sure to please all of their customers.

User reviews show an amazing ten out of ten ratings of the features that Bitdefenders 2013 Total Security offers. Customers can feel comfortable knowing that they can enjoy the identity theft protection, file encryption, file shredding, two-way firewall, Anti-spam, Anti-virus, real-time protection, and Anti-spyware protection. If a problem arises, consumers can get helped by tech-supports through e-mail and phone support. This program can be used on up to three computers, and updates are constantly available. Customers can also try a free trial before deciding that they do want to commit to this company for a full year. One of the cool things about Bitdefenders 2013 Total Security is that it is available for mobile as well as windows.

There are a few downfalls that may discourage people from purchasing this software. Some people did not like that there was no live chat option for tech support. It was a little more expensive than its competitors, and that discourages some potential customers. Others may have liked the setup of a different program more than this one.

The cost of this program is around eight dollars more than the average Anti-Virus program, but the available features when compared with its competitors are above-average. A one-year subscription can be found for the low price of $52 now. However, that discount is not always available and the normal price is around $65. It is possible to subscribe for longer than one year and there are packages available up to five years. The price for this varies depending on the other options that you choose. You must buy in for a minimum of twelve months to buy this product, but you will be able to use the subscription on up to three computers.

Overall Bitdefenders 2013 Total Security is worth the money that you will spend on the product. Consumers gave it a one hundred percent satisfaction rating while its competitor only got a rating of ninety-two percent. The company claims that Bitdefender is more than capable of detecting threats and keeping your computer safe. One of the top reason’s people recommended this software is because you can literally set it and forget it. If you are looking for a program that you can turn on and not have to worry about daily maintenance Bitdefender 2013 Total Security is for you!

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