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2 days ago
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ZoneAlarm 2017 is here! Better performance, ultimate protection and enhanced with a new anti-phishing feature!

4 days ago
​Lust for public Wi-Fi trumps security concerns | ZDNet

91% of people know that public wifi isn't secure, but 89% of people use it anyways. What means more to you - security or free wifi?

Given a choice between security and free Wi-Fi, almost all of us will use the free internet connection.

1 week ago
To Pay or Not to Pay - That is the Ransomware Question

Check out our latest blog post to learn more about ransomware. Learn the best tips for how to protect your privacy and data!

Don't fall into the traps of computer hackers by paying up when they've hit you with ransomware! Learn more about how to secure and protect your data!

2 weeks ago
Why Backing up your Files on a Cloud is Important

Don't forget to backup your files! Learn why it's so important from our most recent blog post.

What is cloud based back up? Learn more about the importance of why you need to backup your files and ensure you protect yourself from ransomware attacks!

3 weeks ago
How to Protect Yourself from Phishing Cyber Attacks

Don't get Phished in! Check out our latest blog post to learn more about our ultimate phishing solution.

You must know how to protect yourself from malicious phishing attempts! Learn more about anti-phishing solutions and how to avoid them today.

1 month ago

Have you tried our latest anti-phishing protection yet? PCMag did and they loved it!

“ZoneAlarm resides among the elite of antiphishing. This is an innovative solution, and I won’t be surprised ... See more

2 months ago
QuadRooter Vulnerability What To Do Next?

Read the latest update on the Quadrooter vulnerability

ZoneAlarn by Check Point provides the latest update on the QuadRooter Android vulnerability, and what you should do next.

2 months ago
QuadRooter: Qualcomm Chipset Vulnerability Said To Affect 900M Google Android Devices

ZoneAlarm Mobile Security app detects Quadrooter - the latest Android vulnerability that affects 900M Android ... See more

Check Point Software Technologies unveiled its research into QuadRooter, hosted with Scribd, a newly detected Qualcomm chipset vulnerability affecting devices

3 months ago
How to tell if your Android phone has the Hummingbad malware

Cnet recommends using ZoneAlarm Mobile Security to protect your smartphone from the latest mobile malware ... See more

HummingBad is bad news. Luckily you can find out if you're affected and do something about it.