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Writing Outliner

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Writing Outliner works as assistant with project-based writing in Microsoft Word

  • Use Microsoft Word is easier for your writing with add-in Writing Outline.
  • Large writing projects become manageable with Writing Outliner.
  • You can write and complete each section of your project, and then combine them into one.

Writing long texts is manageable with add-on Writing Outliner in Microsoft Word

Writing Outliner works as add-on in Microsoft Word. As many writers are still using Microsoft Wordas their writing software, so using Writing Outliner directly in Microsoft Words is really helpful, likeassistant for writing project.

A project usually has a lot of content written in long period of time. For instance, writing a book, anovel, a research report, a dairy and so on.

Managing your writing project becomes easier by using Writing Outliner. Instead writing a longdocument, you can write multiple shorter content. It’s obvious that you can manage and access anysection in your writing project to view, edit,…

Using index cards on a corkboard is an exciting feature of Writing Outliner

Documents will be display as index cards along with summaries in corkboard view. So you canoverview a part or whole of your writing project. And if you want to change the order of documents,just shift the index cards.

Project Outliner located on the left side of Microsoft Word window

The folder-like view is another useful feature for managing documents effectively.

Full Text Search function works easily like Google search

You need to find anything in your large writing project, you can use full-text search function inWriting Outliner. This function is really handy when searching for notes or research files.

Document tabs

Well, if you often surf the internet, the “tab” is no strange to you. By applying tabs function in WritingOutliner, you can change document and edit several documents together easier than before .Someone doesn’t need this function, but others may find it helpful.

Writing summary and notes for document when arranging and managing documents

People can’t remember everything. When you write a summary for a document, you can easily know what document is about without having to open it, then find out it isn’t one you are looking for.

You writing is save as snapshots automatically or manually

Spending a lot of time for your writing, and then it gone just because crash of computer. What youwant to do now ? Writing from scratch again – No. Looking for a recovery software – Not sure youcan recover the piece of writing. It’s the reason why Writing Outliner has this backup function foryou. You can choose options to save entire writing project (upon closing a project), you can get backto old revisions when you want.

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