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Life is Easier With Workspace Macro Pro

The Workspace Macro Pro is an automation and macro program of Windows that also serves as a task scheduler. It has the ability to make macros by writing macro scripts or record macros through the mouse and keyboard. It can automate daily activities, execute system preservation functions, automatically enter data speedily and duplicate information among applications. It operates with all Windows application and automates tasks that are repetitive and tasks that involve online macros and other Windows applications. Every recorded macro scripts will be privately and safely saved on your computer and provided passwords for them using a great password encryption.

This program has many key features. It has Smart Macro technology that allows automation so as to guarantee accuracy as well as utmost consistency and dependability. You can optimize and reorganize recorded macros through macro scripts and macro editing. This program also has the capacity to sort out or see macro actions to ensure easy editing. It has quick and rapid fast replay options so as to speedily automate and repeat macro scripts. It also has macro automation tools that provide plenty of great repeat alternatives.

The Workspace Macro Pro has features that are advanced such as its conditional commands that assist in automating difficult tasks effortlessly. Its interface can be customized and it has various skins from Classic to Aqua. It has a Windows Scheduler integration which would assist you in scheduling tasks and running macros at your preferred time. It is integrated with a Launch-n-Go tool to give you keyword access and hotkey passage to recorded macros. This automation software has macro management ability that includes basic and advance view alternatives, last run-time and macro status.

When you run this program, it records every action the mouse and the keyboard make. You can command it to stop once you wish to halt recording the actions and then save this as a macro. Afterwards, manually run the macro or make schedules for the program to run by itself. A busy person or office can make use of this program as it can automatically perform difficult and numerous tasks such as data entry. You no longer have to log on to a Webmail site or fill in forms manually over and over again as this program will do all that for you. Every function you perform on your PC can be done automatically with this program.

If your job description includes checking inventories and giving reports, this program is for you as it will make your task easier. All it takes is a single click. A company would be able to save time and money with this program in their computers while employees remain productive. When work is repetitive, harmful effects to the health may happen but this program can help eliminate that. Harmful effects include a back strain, eye strain and physical and mental exhaustion.

Having the Workspace Macro Pro makes work with the computer easier, lighter and quicker, thus it is convenient to have one in your PC now.

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