Wondershare QuizCreator software

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Wondershare QuizCreator software

The creation and development of Information Technology has brought about major changes in various fields of both work and study. One of them being the online education offered by various higher learning institutions. With this online courses and exams done, there is also a software that was created to mark these examinations. It is called the Wondershare QuizCreator software and it allows the trainers and those offering education to be able to create quizzes that can be used for tests online.

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This software also allows you, as the educator, to involve several things to your online quizzes. You can also use the help of the Wondershare QuizCreator online to simplify and analyze the reports submitted. There is also a software known as Wondershare QuizCreator 4.5 and it has got features that offer survey marking and is the newest in the software market.

This is indeed a revolution that has got alot of advantages, especially to the higher learning institutions that offer online course, accompanied by it. Some key features that will prove very useful are:

  • Has security settings with hosting limitations that are domain which allows the educator to set it in such a way that only the ones that have been authorized to take the quiz can have access to the quiz.
  • Has got an option of shuffling the quiz so that the ones siting the paper will not be able to cheat on the exams.
  • For those that do not answer the questions correctly, there is an option that gives points that are negative.
  • There is an option for those taking the quiz and the next question that follows the first one is brought based on how the first question was answered.
  • It also allows you to deliver your exams online to different locations globally.
  • ┬áIt has themes that attract the attention of those learning and also gives you an option of designing your own themes thanks to its setting like size,background, font etc that are in-built.
  • It has got features that allow the learners to grade themselves in the quizzes they take.
  • You can easily make your quizzes without the need of changing softwares.

Thanks to this new software creation, online quiz taking and marking has never been so easy. To add to the many advantages it has, there is also a system of quiz management that allows you to effectively manage quizzes that have been published, automatically track and collect the participants information on the results of the quiz, make reports that are insightful and also easily change the permission of access to those that are participating without a problem. Quizzes that are flash based can have images, audio and videos included in them and is a very easy to use software. So if you want an up dated software for your learning institution, then the Wondershare QuizCreator software is most definately the best choice to make. It is efficient and has proven to be very effective to those institutions that offer courses through the internet.

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