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WinZip for Mac 8 Pro Discount Coupon Code

The latest version is WinZip Mac 8. However, it’s difficult to find a promotion for this product at the moment.

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WinZip for Mac Edition Description

WinZip for Mac Pro Discount Coupon Code

WinZip for Mac Edition is a data compression software capable of sharing, compressing and protecting files. It is purposely designed for Mac operating system.

WinZip for Mac Edition provides zip and unzip tasks. Zipping files by compression consumes less hard disk space. It also provides reduced amount of time rate for downloading and uploading files. It also provides the ability to sort out and store files. The files can be sorted out by dragging and dropping them on selected folders. It is also possible to convert a file into the smallest available zip file by WinZip. Its compressed data are available in WAR, 7Z, RAR, Zip, LHA, JAR and Zipx formats.

WinZip for Mac Edition has the ability to produce an encrypted file to protect the file’s privacy. An encrypted file is secured with a password. The password can be applied to the entire set of files or to a single file. With its file encryption, private information can be shared with certainty. Archived files are also protected from improper changes. Undesirable access of an email’s file attachment can also be avoided with file encryption. Sharing zipped files consumes less time for uploading and downloading. It provides faster transmission of information and consumes little space for storage. The files are arranged and compressed into logical and compacted groups. It also has an included option for sending files straight from its window.

WinZip for Mac Edition is compatible with Mac OS X 10.5.X and Mac OS X 10.6.X operating systems. It only supports 64-bit processors. Its recommended type of processor is Intel. It is compatible with Intel Core 2 Duo processors. The free software download is available for 45 days. This is a great utility software for compressing files. Compressed files are available in different formats.  It promotes fast and reliable file transfer. File encryption guarantees privacy by providing passwords.

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