Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2011

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Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard

Product Description:

Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard or SBS 2011 is an all-inclusive solution for document sharing, business line support, email, centralized data back-up & storage, and networking. Launched in 2010, the product aims to promote the extensive use of technology (e.g. computers, mobile phones & tablet PCs) in business.

SBS 2011 provides enterprise-based server technology without the need of spending huge amount of money. It helps protect any confidential information about your business by performing data backups. The product also allows businesses to use e-mail, remote accesses, file & printer sharing, internal websites and internet connectivity in selling their offers.


  • Access and organize files anytime, anywhere
  • Provides productivity and enterprise-based functionality
  • Automatic backup of data and other files that needs to be recovered
  • Easy to use and maintain

New Features

Basically designed for online businesses with up to 76 users, SBS 2011 added these amazing features.

  1. Increased Business Productivity
  • Remote Web Access: Let your customers stay connected with your business through this feature. Here, customers can use the Microsoft Exchange Server (2010 Edition) in communicating with their business of choice.
  • Web Platform Scalability: This feature is designed to provide various solutions tailored for small businesses. Web platform scalability is where offline applications for businesses are often used.
  1. Modified Backup Features
  • Network-based Protection: A comprehensive, network-wide server security feature integrated with advanced IT systems.
  • Client Protection: This feature allows clients or customers to determine anti-virus statuses of their business-related transactions.
  1. Superior Business Insight
  • Enhanced server support for business applications: Users can run different business applications using SBS 2011’s Premium Add-ons. This feature is added to make all server-based applications work.
  • Organization of business info: Using the server’s data configuration feature, the average 5 hours of managing and saving business information will be reduced to 2 hours.

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