Microsoft Windows Home Server 2011

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Overview – What is Windows Home Server 2011?

Windows Home Server 2011 is a specialized operating system ideal for homes with several computer units interconnected through a private network. Code-named Vail, it is designed to safe keep files and family data and ensures that security measures are always in sync with the computer system. Vail comes pre-installed in some computers such as Acer’s Revo RC-111 but can also be purchased separately to be installed in a compatible unit.

What are the benefits of using Windows Home Server 2011? Windows Home Server is primarily used to manage and safe guard valuable family files and resources using strong passwords and impenetrable firewalls.

WHS performs daily backups for every computer on the network and also have the capability to recover lost files whenever needed. When computers get themselves into trouble, a restorative functionality can be used to bring the operating system back to its normal status.

WHS keeps devices running smoothly and safely by timely updating software and programs to their current versions, while monitoring critical security aspects such as virus protection.

When it comes to file sharing, WHS never fails in incorporating impressive file management features. Using WHS, you can stream media files across different computers and keep all your family albums and music collection in one highly-protected server which you can access using any node connected to the network. WHS supports a vast range of multimedia files including MP3, AAC and even files from your iPod and other similar handheld devices.

What are the requirements for running Windows Home Server 2011? WHS requires a 1.4 GHz 64-bit compatible processor to run smoothly and with few interruptions. You would also need to upgrade your RAM to at least 2GB if you haven’t yet. As for the required disk space to setup WHS, at least 160GB of space is needed to accommodate all installation and system files.

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