Website X5 Evolution 13

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What's new in Website X5 Evolution 13

  • 32 & 64-bit up to 50% faster
  • Publish to any servers
  • 15 languages supported

New Features

  • Parallax and Animation Effects
  • Online Control Panel

Other Features

  • Custom Templates
  • Automatic Backup
  • Built-in Graphic Editors
  • Photo/video galleries
  • E-mail Forms
  • Product Catalogues
  • Custom HTML Code
  • Multi-Language Webites
  • Built-in FTP Engine
  • SEO Optimization

Website X5 Evolution 10

If you’re into creating and designing your own websites, you’ll need the most up-to-date and innovative software to help you with your passion. The Website X5 Evolution 10 provides you the opportunity to be a great website designer.

Website X5 Evolution 10

The makers of the latest version of the X5 paid attention to what users and critics had to say about their other products. They have now improved its usability which is perhaps one of the most important aspects of website designing. Navigating is made even easier which makes it even more fun to look at photos. The improved Touch technology allows you to browse your gallery and enlarge images easily with your finger. You can also take a video without a hitch. Another plus for this version is that loading is faster and the graphic interface has been changed to look simpler and easier to use.

The Website X5 Evolution 10 now utilizes HTML5 and is now compatible with any operating system, browser and mobile device like smartphones and tablets. It has, boxes for social apps, online shops, and multi-language websites to keep your website-designing experience more enjoyable. Perhaps the best feature though, is the 1,500 original professional templates that can be customized. You can spend hours after hours just experimenting on the look you want. You can even make your own design from scratch.

Requirements include an operating system of Windows 7, Windows 8, XP or Vista. At least 256 MB RAM, a strong Internet connection and a file space of 84.7 MB are also required. You’ll also need an e-mail account so you can activate the product. Once you purchase it, you are given your own domain name and email featuring 30 GB of web space, a cloud drive to synchronize your device online, along with PHP5 and MySQL server support.

If you are just beginning to understand the basics of creating a website, you’ll get a head start with software like the Website X5 Evolution 10. You don’t need to be an expert programmer or have an overly imaginative mind to create a website. Even with little programming skills, you’ll find it easy with the help of the tips and step-by-step instructions that the software provide. The many features will also allow you to make a website so great that it may easily pass off as a work of expert and experienced designers.

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