VMware Fusion 7 Professional / Workstation 11 & Upgrades

March 23, 2015 VMware

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VMware Fusion 7

VMware Fusion 7

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  • VMware Fusion 7 - License & Upgrade
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  • VMware Workstation 11 - License & Upgrade
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VMware Fusion

New and Improved Features of VMware Fusion

VMware Fusion is a MAC application which enables user to switch from MAC to a Windows operating system without rebooting the system. This is convenient for students and professionals alike as they can make use of the Windows-specific applications anytime they want. It also allows users to make use of Windows-only Bluetooth or USB devices such as mobile phones, GPS receivers, mp3 players and others.

VMware Fusion has been upgraded to make sure that the application is turbocharged up to 2.5 xs faster than the previous version especially when using 3D graphics. Users will be able to run Window and MAC operating system without sacrificing processing speed. Also, the Pause feature will enable users to suspend a particular virtual machine to free up resources.

Its design is patterned after the look and feel of MAC applications which gives users a Mac-like experience. Users will be able to make use of windows applications at its maximum performance. Also, this application has a new App Utility Feature and Time Machine-compatible Snapshots which allow users to capture a particular state of the virtual machine at scheduled times.

This application is also compatible with OS X Lion Server, OS X Lion, MAC OS X Leopard Server and MAC OS X Snow Leopard server. This is a great tool for programmers to develop as well as test new applications for iOs and MAC. Furthermore, the security features of the VMware have the encryption ability for the virtual machines. The password protect capability of the software also adds another security blanket to protect sensitive data.

There are a lot of helpful resources that will help users to use the product. The VMware Fusion Learning Center has video tutorials, which will get users on a good start. There are also community forums which would help users share ideas, concerns, issues and comments regarding the application. Also, a Frequently Asked Questions section can also be found in the learning center. Users will also be able to get more helpful resources online.

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