Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2010

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Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2010 Product Description

The Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2010 is a suite of pieces of software programs that are intended to be used as lifecycle management tools. This application bundle include features that will help its users to get the best quality results on the systems they are making through assisting them from system’s design creation to its deployment. The Ultimate 2010 version of the Microsoft Visual Studio targets various platforms and technologies, like parallel and cloud computing, to allow its users to acquire their team goal.

Product Features

  • Project Management tool features which monitor the project’s progress and automatically generate report. Those reports will warn software’s users of the potential risks that the current project development has.
  • New layer model that will help the development to stay on track through defining and communicating the logical application architecture and validating the code against it.
  • Architecture Explorer that will help users to understand and utilize the value of current project’s code assets and interdependencies by presenting a tool for detailed model creation.
  • Professional 2010 version of Visual Studio Test which will provide users with a single tool for automation of the manual test navigation, capturing and updating of test requirements, and speeding up the fixture of bugs on the system.
  • IntelliTrace that will allow testers to detect bugs on the system and include snapshot for it, so that developers can easily reproduce the state where bug is found.

The Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2010 is software that is specifically designed to help a team in designing, developing, and deploying a system.

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