Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2010

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Microsoft Visual Studio Professional Product Description

The Microsoft Visual Studio Professional is specifically designed to assist individuals on the development of simple projects. It is composed of only three tools which are IDE, MSDN Support, and Development Platform Support that simplifies the creation, testing, and deployment of the application. Like the Ultimate version of Microsoft Visual Studio, the Microsoft Visual Studio Professional can also be integrated on variety of platforms, such as SharePoint and Cloud. It is a full pack development environment that can surely help developers accomplish basic tasks.

Product Features

  • Simplified deployment of web application that could already be done in a single click. The software will automatically pass the system’s settings and code to the target server.
  • Includes built-in-tools that work well on Windows 7, like the multi-touch tool Ribbon.
  • Drag-and-drop data bind feature that will speed-up and ease the creation of Rich Internet Application and Windows Presentation Foundation Application.
  • Multi-monitor support that will allow individual developers to work on the project using separated editors. This capability will make it easier for developers to manage their work.
  • SharePoint development support tools, like list, workflows, and web parts tool, that can bring a new collaboration option for the company.
  • MSDN Support toolset which can help developers to improved their skills through the resources that are presented by the Microsoft team.

The Microsoft Visual Studio Professional is a development tool that is only advisable for people that are working on small projects because of the specifically designed simple features it has.

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