Microsoft Visual Studio Premium 2010

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Microsoft Visual Studio Premium Product Description

The Microsoft Visual Studio Premium is a complete suite of tools that can deliver dynamic, scalable, and high quality applications. Some of the things that are included on this toolset are Integrated Development Environment, Testing Tools, Database Development, Development Platform Support, Diagnostic and Debugging tool, and Application Lifecycle Management. The Premium version of Visual Studio will surely simplify the developer’s job in coding, database creation, and testing through the features that are embedded to the tools it has.

Product Features

  • Auto generation of test data that will fill a test database which have the schema of the true database design. This will help the users of the software in the process of system’s development and testing.
  • Simplified database development through allowing the users to create their databases in a way that is the same with how they created development tasks on the application’s code.
  • Code analysis tools that will reduce the risk of deploying erroneous system through detecting and filtering bugs before the system came to production.
  • Code coverage tools that ensure that the test made covers all aspects of the system.
  • Test Impact Analyzer which will provide to users list of recommendable test for the current project.
  • Automation of UI testing which is capable of ensuring the users that the subsequent changes they’ve made on the code will not break the sections that are already worked on.

The Microsoft Visual Studio Premium 2010 is a comprehensive development toolkit that has many testing features, which will ensure the quality of the systems that will be produced.

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