Expired20% Discount – VEGAS Production Assistant Pro (64-bit version)

$135.99 $169.99
20% Discount – VEGAS Production Assistant Pro (64-bit version)
20% Discount – VEGAS Production Assistant Pro (64-bit version)
$135.99 $169.99

VEGAS Production Assistant Pro (64-bit version)

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Vegas Pro Production Assistant

Get By with the Help of the Vegas Pro Production Assistant 2

The Vegas Pro Production Assistant 2 is a software program made to service broadcasting professionals and editors. It functions as a virtual assistant to the Vegas Pro editing software. This software is meant to enhance the already impressive functions of the Vegas Pro software. It acts as a plug-in software system that does usual tasks to cut the work time by automatically taking care of unnecessary routine aspects of editing work. It also comes with a set of interactive video tutorials to equip the user on all the needed information to manage the software properly.

Features of Vegas Pro Production Assistant 2

The Vegas Pro Production Assistant 2 is equipped with capabilities so as to be the one in charge of inserting effects such as crossfades or other transitional effects in between of your media clips. It can create a form to prevent any resistance to speed up the processes of usual tasks such as archiving, splitting from stereo to mono or audio ducking. It can also perform functions such as making use of images and videos to produce a creative collage or a montage.

There is also the function they call as processing in batches. With this program, the user can simply choose as many files as he or she wants indicating which type of formats are desired and the program will take care of creating the output. All these routine tasks can be achieved by the software without the need of supervision.

With the use of this program, the user can save templates, which will contain all the usual orders during editing or creating videos. It will basically do all the unnecessary aspects of editing while you work on the aspects that need closer attention. This includes title making, credits, and many more. This way, the program can already start processing all the usual tasks leading to a faster and more accurate output. It will do all the usual tasks leaving no room for forgotten duties and tasks.

Another quality of the Vegas Pro Production Assistant 2 that makes it stand out among all the other software is its ability to make tasks easier. These tasks include image overlaying, color correction, audio normalization, flicker reduction, playback rate adjustments, and more. By being in charge of these processes, the software can guarantee a consistent output, again, leaving no room for inconsistent and forgotten aspects of editing and production.

Last but not the least, the most impressive function of this software is its promise of a hands-free capability. The program has a feature that can allow a user to simply put in a card in to a memory card reader and leave it all for the program to work on. With the previously mentioned templates, it can simply base formats and actions on the template to produce any given assignment based on your preferred template. This way, a user no longer needs to work manually on anything.

The Vegas Pro Production Assistant 2 coupled with the Vegas Pro proves to be the best software for professionals in the media industry. With so much demanding work to be produced, the software can take care of minute details and tasks allowing the user to concentrate on more important work.