Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 Visual Effects Suite

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Upgrading the Multimedia Experience Using

Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 Visual Effects Suite

For people who are longing to create professional quality movies, the Movie Studio Platinum Visual Effects Suite is certainly the perfect software to achieve this aspiration. This is a one-stop solution for movie making needs which provides an extensive set of tools comprising of video editing, special effects, audio production, DVD authoring and Blu-ray Disc. The user-friendly interface allows home users to convert their personal stories into an amazing movie masterwork. With a wide array of functions in the user’s fingertips, the Movie Studio Platinum Visual Effects Suite will certainly not disappoint the general public.

The Movie Studio Platinum Visual Effects Suite consists of three productive software programs: the Movie Studio HD Platinum, the HitFilm Standard and DVD Architect Studio. These three software programs complement each other to create the high-quality movie that every person dreams of finishing.

The Movie Studio Platinum Visual Effects Suite is the front runner software for movie editing. This is equipped with advanced tools that enhance every aspect of the digital media that are needed to turn the raw files to masterpieces. Video formats shot through AVCHD, DVD, stereoscopic 3D and MP4 camcorders can be easily imported as raw files to a movie project.

Movie editing is also a breeze through the collection of titles, transitions, credits and effects that can be used to add style to the project. The more than a hundred audio and visual effects and tools built in for colour correction, text animation and video stabilization will surely be a playground for creative artists.

The Movie Studio Platinum Visual Effects Suite also boasts of its capability to edit and produce 3D movies. With the 3D glasses which come with the software, users can easily use the 3D tools to modify their movie projects to create the astounding 3D movie that everybody loves.

The HitFilm Standard provides a collection of advanced and complicated 2D and 3D effects and filters that will aid in providing the realistic quality over the movie project. Users can tweak on these different aspects and experiment to get the perfect visual effects for their movie. This software provides the means to control the color grading and lighting for the film to achieve the perfect tone for each recorded scene.

Particle generations can also be taken advantage of to lend authenticity and realistic quality to the movie project. From shockwaves, fire, 3D smoke to explosions, the Hitfilm Standard will ensure that these effects will be artistically and realistically added to the movie. Users will also experience no difficulty in removing the green screen from the raw recorded videos. Compositing can also be further enhanced through different effects such as light wrap and spill removal.

Lastly, the DVD Architect Studio 5 can generate professional-calibre DVD movies depending on the preferences of the users. Whether it is an audio CD, photo album or personal movie compilations, the DVD Architect Studio 5 can lend its functionalities to put a touch of uniqueness in it. Users can experiment with titles, music, menus and special features to create their favoured DVD design. Not only that, this software also enables efficient and simple DVD burning. With these three software programs combined, creating professional-quality movies will just be at the edge of every user’s fingertips. The Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 Visual Effects Suite is absolutely the answer to the creative desires of every movie maker.

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