30% Off – Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum 5 – Windows

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30% Off – Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum 5 – Windows

Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum 5 has changed the manner in which kids learn typing by making the exercise enjoyable and fun to learn. It is an adventure set on Typer Island and comes with more that 30 game challenges. The drop menu makes it possible for kids to choose games and this includes the words oer minute, difficulty level and in some cases, the opponent. There are multi-levels to pass and the points scored determine if they move to the next level. It is this aspect that motivates kids to win and attain a high score. Some of the features found on Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum 5 include the following.

  • Kids are able to learn how to type on the exciting Typer Island adventure.
  • It provides lessons step by step and there are tests and challenges that need to be overcome thus making kid’s better typists.
  • There are rewards offered in every step and this makes it easy to learn.
  • Play style is Arcade and it has 30 plus game challenges and several multi levels.
  • Has an age plan that makes it easy to learn typing keyboard basics at a quicker pace.

It is because of the typing tests and challenges that most kids find it easy to improve their typing speed as well. With more than 30 challenges to face, these include the following.

  • Timed challenges.
  • Comprehensive evaluation.
  • Multi-level challenges.
  • Advanced level challenges.

The tests are used to measure the accuracy as well as the speed and the results are provided in the basis of adjusted words per minute. For the purpose of ensuring that kids are driven by the desire to improve and become better, they are offered incentives and these come in handy for the purpose of improving keyboarding skills.

Instant feedback is offered on the results and this ensures that kids know how they performed in any lesson, game, and test or challenge immediately. The results given are on the following.

  • Printable results
  • Results are tracked for at least 5 typists.
  • Performance assessment based on Hand, Row, Key and Finger use.
  • Results that are calculated in the basis of all incentives
  • Accuracy percentages and WPM scores.

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