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True Launch Bar is a Superior replacement for the standard Quick Launch bar

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Option of True launch bar near you

True Launch Bar is a bar which contains all the apps and files which you often use regularly.   Usage of computer in a better and efficient way is a great art.  Desktop is a place where all the icons are seen.  Sometimes, if the workload is heavy or due to ease of use, many people will keep all the shortcuts and files on the desktop. If the desktop fills, the screen looks crowded and will not be comfortable to work at with further placement of files on the desktop.  You will get confused with all the shortcuts and the files.  Then you can happily use the True Launch Bar where you can keep all the  most useful applications and files at just a click away.

Work Easier

True Launch Bar really makes your work very easier.  It can help you to get out of the confusion with all the icons and shortcuts and also with many problems associated with such crowd of icons.  You can quickly access to your desired application or file of your PC.  Your desktop will be with limited icons and you can happily enjoy it.  This True Launch Bar is very easy to use and work with.  It will be lovely and funny to use for every user.  Your workspace will seem beautiful and becomes more convenient.  All you need is to create a custom menu on the taskbar.  After that, whenever you feel the application shall be rapidly used, go to the start button, select programs, drag and drop the application on to the True Launch Bar.  It will get placed in the bar automatically.  Just click on it and complete your task.

It’s an Autopilot

True Launch Bar is an autopilot in which it will provide you with tool tips.  You can see the names of the options on the True Launch Bar.  With all the submenus and separators, items can be grouped at your desire and can create customized menu.  If you are good typist with full touch on the keyword, you can place the shortcuts of such files and applications also. At the touch of your keyboard, your applications will open and all this will seem you excitingly.

Some people will feel safer when they could save their files in the subfolders of some drives.  It will be a tedious task if they wish to open the file from all the folders and sub folders.  With the help of True Launch Bar, you can reach to all your folders by customizing it at your desktop by creating a customized menu from the folder where you saved all your files.  Everything can be accessed just by your mouse click.   True Launch Bar even shows you with pictures of the icons to locate them easily.  For all the icons like my computers, control panel and games, you can create customized menu with thumbnail and can access them easily.  It displays all the list of recently used documents.  You can also make use of filters in which you can focus on the rapidly used files in the menu.

Your work will become fast and easier with the use of True Launch Bar and everything will be at your fingers end.  Customized menus on the task bar help you to access all the files and applications instantly without going to folders and subfolders again and again.  Once if you could make use of it, you wish to use it again and again.  Instant working with programs will be at your nearby. You will surely feel it nice and that the essence of True Launch Bar.

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