Topo North America

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What is the Topo North America ?

The Topo North America of Delorme is an easy-to-install topography GPS mapping software.  If you are an outdoor adventurer, you will need this software to know your location and where you are going. It has clever features that consist of customization tools for you to come up with elevation profiles in 3D and scrutinize distances and grade in your North American road adventure. This software is also available on DVD or CD.

This current version is better and more effective than its predecessors. It has added eleven thousand forest trails in the U.S. and the function to synchronize pocket queries intended for geo-caching. It also has more than 210,000 updated streets to keep people informed of their location. It also has the entire coverage of America although it fails to reach places in Mexico or Canada without a big highway or city included in the base map.  If you are a hiker or a biker, you can make so much use of this GPS mapping software as it has top-quality topographic maps that have customization ability and interaction.

Topo North America is fairly easy to use. Its operations are properly arranged in folders that have headings for them to be seen easily. If you do not know how to use the features, you can log on to the online tutorials of Delorme Topo.

Topo mapping software has a serial port connection intended to be used for your laptop. This will male you achieve instantaneous tracking in your car once your GPS battery drains out. With this feature, you can devise your travel at home and use your printer to print the maps so that you can take them with you if your GPS turns off. Also on the topographic maps is a street over-lay grid.

This GPS mapping software also has an extensive elevation profile feature that is not equal to those that other topo products have. You can immediately make an elevation profile and then be given statistics about it which include elevation gain, grade, climbing distance and sliding elevation among others. It also has a 3D mode that is easy to operate and displayed behind the 2D image of a particular spot.

This GPS mapping software has many safety features that include a complete data of phone numbers of travel contacts should you want updates about the weather and road construction and even hotel directories.  This mapping software has a NavMode feature that permits voice commands to activate the system. Because of the hands-free voice commands, it would be easy to instruct the system to give information you need especially when you are caught in heavy traffic or on a rough terrain. It also has a full-screen view as you move forward to your destination. Having these features will make you have a safe and smooth ride.

In summary, the Delorme Topo North America is an affordable, effective, efficient and user-friendly navigation topography software that has intense interconnectivity, intuitive interface and good features. It is a good mapping software for those who are looking for one that is easy to use.

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