Things Task Management

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Things Task Management

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Things Task Management Features

Things Mac – Organizes Your To-Do Lists

Things Mac software is developed to be simple yet powerful task manager. Though it’s simple, its simplicity does not sacrifice any of the integrated features that have tremendous capabilities.

If you have a very long to-do list that makes your head hurt in determining your priorities, Things Mac is the one for you. The purpose of Things Mac is to focus the user to a few lists only of files without switching to several view modes or without putting up a stress on filling up a long list of filter criteria.

When you search for a particular file, a magical bar will suddenly appear and display information that adapts the list in the main window. You can also decide to assign hierarchical tags to several to-do lists for a quick search output later. The list can be sorted according to areas of responsibility and project type. The software will only display important information and you can’t see columns that aren’t necessary and only takes up some space of the windows.

Things Mac include the features Repeating To-Do list, Due dates, Projects, Areas of responsibility, Tags, iCal sync, and iPhone sync. iCal sync allows you to view your to-do’s system wide. The software is available if different language such as German, Russian, Japanese, English, Spanish, and French. Another way to view your to-do list is through the spotlight feature or the quick look.

Things Mac also allows you to quickly view your to-do list on the present day. The scheduled list can be used to take note of your activity and remind you in a right time. The People feature on the other hand can be used to hand over your to-do list to your co-workers or teammates when you can’t execute the list. The Dock Badge feature makes it possible for you to view the to-do list in the next hours or days.

Things Mac offers a trial version to give you the chance to explore what it can offer.

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