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When it comes to macro recorder and windows automation, I’m sure that you will have to take a look at Workspace Macro recorder and Automation Anywhere of Tethys Solutions as these software have many unique features and functions to be supreme than another software.

Having been an accountant in a finance department of a manufacturer company,  I have tried these products (Workspace Macro Pro and Automation Anywhere) to help me in doing repeat tasks.  It isn’t easy to use at first, however, when you know how to use, everything becomes really useful and helpful.  These software have a lot of options to adjust to meet your requirements.

Just go to their site, download trials and see how useful it is yourself.

It seems that Automation Anywhere is a bit expensive, and it’s suitable for company more than personal use. Another choice is Workspace Macro Pro. Workspace Macro Pro is sold at cheaper price but it proves that it’s worth every penny spent. Don’t just read someone’s words, go ahead to download trials to try it out directly. With my own experience, I rarely find another software having features as Workspace Macro and Automation Anywhere.

If you want to check other simple and effective macro recorder. I would recommend Jitbit macro recorder which I have used to do some simple tasks. You can find some info about Jitbit macro recorder here:

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Workspace Macro

Keyboard macro & Mouse macro program.

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Workspace Macro Business Use + Lauch-n-Go
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Workspace Macro Pro

Macro program & Windows automation software comes along with task scheduler.

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Workspace Macro Pro Business Use + Lauch-n-Go $ 89.90 74.95 59.96

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Launch-n-go is consider as a smart multipurpose productivity tool. A Text Inserter, Program Launcher, Hotkeys Manager & Desktop Toolbar – all in one!

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$ 24.95 19.96 $4.99

Automation Anywhere Discount Coupon Code

Automation Anywhere is an intelligent automation software for business & IT tasks. Recording keyboard & mouse or using wizards to create automation scripts. No programming required. Premier license allows task to exe capability.

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Testing Anywhere Discount Coupon Code

Testing Anywhere is a powerful and easy to use testing tool that let users to automate any type of testing. With powerful GUI based recording capabilities and a no-programming required user interface, testers can set up even complex test cases quickly. With a built-in editor, users can build tests that can be edited for changes in the test cases easily and quickly.

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Testing Anywhere (Server) $ 7000 6650 $350


Tethys Solutions for the Automation in Systems

With Automation as the sole criterion in function, Tethys Solutions offers a wide range of automated software that come with easy to use and easy to install features. The “Automation Anywhere” is one of the featured packages that form an integral part of Tethys Solutions, which is uniquely designed to offer the ideal solution for intelligence and workflow design. By means of this automated software, users can automate and visualize any business transactions with ease. The business processes are carried over to an all new level that helps users to graphically view each and every action. It requires no programming or specific modes of integration and thus, there are three different models that are available for a standard operating business user, namely, the standard, premier and the anywhere server mode.

How it Helps

The automate anywhere pack helps users to automate processes with ease. It so happens that the various aspects of the business cannot be integrated when left alone. In such an instance an integration pack that helps to seamlessly integrate all the applications can come handy. This integration pack is extremely powerful such that it helps users to integrate applications like never before. A simple drag and drop feature along with a powerful OCR feature helps users to integrate functions with ease. The e-mail automation and the terminal emulator software helps users to easily automate the various processes across multiple domains thus enabling secure and seamless flow of information in sever and wherever required.

Workspace Macro Pro and the Windows Automation program helps users to integrate the intelligent macro software to record, play, and edit the various modules and mouse macros without any additional programming required. The macros are easy to use and edit and thus Tethys Solutions employs pre-defined macros to automate the various tasks that are involved. Run macros at great speeds with accuracy and reliability at the same time. The workspace macro recorder is yet another part of Tethys Solutions that functions in the same way and at the same time helps to record macros with ease. It automatically senses and adjusts macros between the time that is required to record and re-play the macros.

This helps users to save out on the numerous clicks of keyboard and thus ensures that redundant mouse tasks are reduced to one single touch of a button or a click. Tethys Solutions are ideal for business processes that require the usage of an automated inventory check and updation of customer records depending on their needs. Also, for individual users, who frequently check their e-mails, the auto login feature helps to reduce the redundancy that is involved in the login process and the auto clicker feature also enables users to play online games with ease.

Final Words

Access Tethys Solutions for a wholesome and complete range of automated solutions that ensure your business runs smooth and effectively. Also, the security features that are embedded in these macros are extremely high so that users are assured of a powerful and unique password protection tool. Count on Tethys Solutions for a comprehensive range of automated products for your business and individual needs.

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