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Micromat Techtool 6

Is the TechTool Pro 6 a Good Buy?

Everyone has to face the problem of having a messy Mac OS. Files and documents are unorganized while unnecessary downloads keep coming in. This concoction will lead to problems that will need costly solutions. TechTool Pro 6 is a tool that will help beginners solve these problems without spending too much for repairs. With this software installed, diagnostics can easily find the root of these problems and repairing them will be effortless. A handy tool like this can keep a Mac running at its best. However, mixed reviews show that there are certain issues that may concern future users. Issues will be tackled later on along with its pros and cons.

TechTool Pro 6 has certain features that others don’t have and running RAM tests is one of them. A RAM rarely encounters problems but when it does, it can greatly affect the performance of the computer. The software can avoid this through memory test and identify whether a RAM problem exists. The video card can also be tested to see if it works properly. Again, this test might not be done regularly since this scenario is unlikely. Other features includes tests such as the File Structure and Volume Structure tests which see whether individual files and volume are corrupted or not. This software has the ability to do all these tests in one sequence but it may take a long time before all the tests are complete.

TechTool Pro 6 is also known for its data recovery feature. Backups for disk directory are made for recovering trashed files efficiently. The backups will help the software avoid scanning the whole disk in search for deleted files. It also has a volume cloning feature which comes very handy in certain situations. File and volume optimization is also possible by taking fragmented files and writing them into a neighboring file. As for volume optimization, files are written directly on the drive in one sequence. This can free up a decent amount of neighboring space.

Some comments say that TechTool Pro 6 is only great at running tests but never really solves problems that may come up. Reports also say that the software crashes when solving issues. These issues greatly depend on the overall condition of the computer and may not be the same for others. This can be supported by other reviews saying that this software work just fine and the problems may not have to do with the TechTool Pro 6.

Unlike other diagnostic software, TechTool Pro 6 is compatible with the Mac OS X 10.7 Lion along with Mac OS X 10.4.9 or greater versions. With this and the other features it has, TechTool Pro 6 is well balanced software intended for any Mac users. It can avoid major problems for the OS by running various tests and therefore fixing them before it suffers heavy damages. The negative issues might be a concern but these are risks that most diagnostic programs have. One can never know the real performance of this product unless personally tested.

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