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Products included: Tabbles Home,  Tabbles Business (1 user, 3 PCs), Tabbles Corporate (1 user, 3 PCs, includes tag-sharing).

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Tabbles Corporate $ 129.00 96.75 $32.25


Tabbles, the ideal data management organizer

The tables are special organizing containers that help users to categorize any type of file and documents in within folders and in the form of bookmarks as well. By means of this software, users can categorize, sort, filter and then share the documents in a novel, yet effective way. Besides that standard folder structure that is maintained in the system, Tabbles helps users to organize folders and documents independently of the folder organization, or it would be apt to say that it helps to refine the existing organization.

How it Helps

By means of Tabbles, users can now link their documents to several projects, folders or events that are related to the specific file without even having to copy or move them aside. Often at times, the same file needs repetitive usage for multiple projects and users can use the file without having to create multiple copies of them, but scattered amidst different folders. The tag-bubbles feature of Tabbles help users to tag the files and sort them with ease. Tagging happens both manually and by an automatic feature that helps to keep them aside with ease. This feature helps to avoid redundancy within the system and helps to manage the workload thus ensuring that the user’s desk is free from multiple copies of the same file.

Tabbles helps users to group files that are farther apart, independently or dependently from the folder structure. Sorting depends on the type of tagging that is delivered to a specific file or a folder. It is well known that many operating systems follow a pattern of hierarchical system that helps to store files within a specific order. This implies that files are independent and can be located within a specific folder only once. With Tabbles, this system of hierarchy is broken away as they are sorted and grouped depending on their usage and the relationship with each other or a specific folder, project, client, and more.

Locate files with ease, by the unique combination of bookmarks that help users to identify the exact location of the specified file. At times, finding the exact location of the file might be tedious and a combination of search function needs to be employed. A simple and effective method referred to as the “combine” function is present in the Tabbles search helps users to directly refine the search and zero in on the file that they are looking for at that moment. The word tabble implies tag-bubble, which is similar to that of a container. By means of this tag-bubble, users can sort, categorize files, internet addresses, and as many applications as possible depending on their needs.


Further, the Combine function that is present on the tables feature ensures that each combination helps to pool up the desired files and folders and all the related URLs by bringing in the combination that is required. By means of the combine tabble function, users can now combine their tabbles based on their relationship, which is independent of their location or function. Collaborate your files with tabbles and experience file organizing the chaos-free way.

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