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STOIK Stitch Creator

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Create Your Own Cross-Stitch Design with STOIK Stitch Creator

STOIK Stitch Creator makes converting your photos into a cross-stitch artwork a cinch.  With the use of color fill, virtual needles, picture inserts and text, you can make your own cross-stitch pattern or turn any images into a cross-stitch design in just three easy steps.  First, insert a picture to the disk, scanner, or digital camera.  Second, choose your preferred palette and watch the application transform your picture into a fully optimized cross-stitch layout.  Edit the pattern by adding a border, motif, or taking advantage of the drawing tools available.  Third, print it out and start stitching.  This stitch creator application from STOIK uses a wide collection of colors from different thread catalogues so you can create cross-stitch charts in wonderful colors.  You can get a preview of each step of your work and view the final stitch layouts on screen before finally printing.  Thoroughly indicating which threads you are planning to use can help the Stitch Creator make the best pattern for you.

STOIK Stitch Creator is simple to understand and easy to use.  It has two different layouts for new and advanced customers.  Stitch Creator provides two user interface types, Windows-standard, and an appealing graphic form.  This makes it easy for the user to toggle back and forth and pick which look he feels comfortable using.  If you are not sure how to go about creating a pattern, the software Wizard will walk you through the steps of making a brand new pattern, show you how to import and edit images, select the canvas size, design, color, and pick the thread count and color.  It will take a couple of minutes for the Stitch Creator to turn your picture into a pattern.  After which, the program will suggest editing tools to check your cross-stitch pattern with color palettes, thread symbols, and how it should look like when you are done.

This software is appropriate for all users who want to create their own cross-stitch design.  You can also create cross-stitch patterns and accessories for kids.  There are more than 10 stitching styles to choose from such as French knot, short and double backstitch variations.  You can save your cross-stitch patterns as a photo in widely used formats such as jpeg, gif, Adobe PhotoShop, png, bmp, tif, pcx, fpx, tga, and psd.  STOIK Stitch Creator comes with a 15-day trial period wherein all functions are operational except you cannot print or save the converted images.