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STOIK Color by Number: Turn Your Photos Into a Paint-by-Number Pattern

Children and adults alike love coloring by numbers.  With STOIK Color by Number software, you can easily convert your photos to paint-by-number pattern.  Grab your crayons, brushes and coloring or painting tools and simply follow the image layout.  Choose the best colors and you have a perfect image in minutes.  Here is a straightforward guide on using the color-by-number application.

1.  Open the image file or import picture from your scanner or camera.

2.  Select the color palette.  The software will convert your image into a paint-by-number pattern according to range of colors you choose.

3.  Print the color by number pattern, preferably with the color key.

4.  Have fun coloring and painting!

It usually happens that the paint palette contains only a handful of colors to correctly match the shades in your photograph.  But if you check the ‘Use mixed colors’ option, the software will look for comparable colors not only in pure palette section, but also in combinations of up to 3 hues from the palette.  You can also choose to convert the image to the closest RGB colors.  This is an advantage over the other paint by number programs because it choices of colors are not only to the colors found in a particular palette.  Subsequently, this results in the most appropriate imitation of colors and better image duplication.  However, keep in mind that using this option is not always a guarantee that the colors you used in one pattern will also be available in the other palettes you might have.  In addition, the Added Shaded palette presents a number of shades from each available pure palette color.  This makes for an even better processing of image colors even if the number of colors in the picture is more than the assortment of pure colors in the palette.

Other benefits of STOIK Color by Number are as follows:

– Simple user interface and easy to understand workflow.

– Hassle-free picture browser.

– Compatible with Windows 7.

– New conversions algorithm works a lot faster and more accurate.

– Can choose from as much as 255 colors in the pattern.

– Capability to make use of mixed colors and shaded palette.

– Choice to convert to the most appropriate RGB colors.

To ensure that your purchase goes safely, go to their official website.  STOIK Color by Number can be bought for $19.  However, a fully functional trial version is also available.