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2 days ago
Why data destruction is necessary?

The story behind leaked data from Hillary Clinton�s Blackberry#Dataleak

In the blog talk about the impact of data wiping and data erasure services, Why it is important to go for data destruction?

3 days ago
Dynamic Storage Systems and Malware Attack Recovery

Do you know about the first case of ransomware attack? #DataLoss

Since no data is taken in a ransomware attack, many perimeter security products cannot fight or counteract the loss if it s successful in breaching...

4 days ago
Trump Organization uses really, really insecure e-mail servers. Sad!

Hillary Clinton isn't the only one who have had an e-mail security problem #MigrateExchangeServer #EmailSecurity servers use unpatched, unsupported Windows Server 2003, IIS 6.

6 days ago
Evernote confirms a serious bug caused data loss for some Mac users

A serious bug caused data loss on Mac confirmed by #Evernote #DataLoss #DataRecovery

A number of Evernote users are now being alerted via email message of a serious bug that may cause data loss in certain versions of the company's...

1 week ago
How to Recover Mac Files Lost After a Failed OS X Upgrade

Recover Mac Files Lost After a Failed OS X Upgrade #OSXUpgrade #DataLost

OS X Upgrade can go bad leading to a massive loss of Mac data and files. With no backup, you can perform Mac data recovery with the help of Stellar...

1 week ago
Check out this link

Now a Breach alone mean LIABILITY for businesses #dataBreach

1 week ago
Is Your Android Phone is Affected by Hummingbad Virus?

Is your Android phone affected with HummingBad Virus? Here is all you need to know about HummingBad #iPhoneVirus

How do you know if your mobile phone has been infected by HummingBad Virus? Know about it's symptoms and preventive measures to remove it completely.

2 weeks ago
NSA government contractor 'stole classified files' - BBC News

National Security Agency contractor charged with theft of "highly classified" materials. #DataBreach #DataRemoval

A National Security Agency contractor is accused of stealing top secret files that could have caused "exceptionally grave damage to national...

2 weeks ago
Best Software for Photographers in 2016 - Stellar Data Recovery Blog

Best Software for Photographers 2016 #PhotoEditing #PhotoRecovery

Summary: The blog suggests some of the best photo editing, image management and photo recovery software applications of 2016 along with the...

2 weeks ago
Timeline Photos

Stop Using your hard drive immediately after any data loss situation #ProTip