Microsoft SQL Server Developer Edition 2012

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SQL Server Developer Edition 2012

Understanding the SQL Server Developer Edition

The SQL Server Developer Edition is the software developed by Microsoft which can be utilized by businesses and organizations in achieving their goals and objectives. This software can be used to develop an SQL server which houses an integrated platform that can reveal insights about the organization which can be used to create solutions that can cross over the organization.

The difference of the Developer Edition from the other SQL editions lies on the restriction in its use. The Developer Edition is only suitable for an organization which will not reproduce the outputs it will generate from the software. It is only enabled for testing, demonstration and development purposes only. Though, this software still possesses the basic functionalities of the other editions. The license that comes with the Developer Edition is also considerably cheaper as compared to other editions.

The SQL Server Developer Edition allows the creation and development of a relational database server that can be used to store and manage business data as needed by other software applications. This facilitates congruence and efficiency between different business processes that helps in attaining profit maximization through the development of effective business plans and strategies.

Through this software, businesses can effectively execute three important functions: enable IT expertise, discovering innovative business insights and run time-consuming workloads

This software optimizes IT productivity across the system with innovative tools that help in managing the database efficiently. It encompasses both in-house systems and public clouds. It supports the use of relational and non-relational data. It permits access to heterogeneous environments using APIs in a variety of platforms.  The software offers flexibility in deployment alternatives, whether it is from server to cloud or vice versa.

The SQL Server Developer Edition helps in discovering business insights through managing and organizing raw data and analytics that every user generates. It helps in monitoring data usage, performance appraisal figures and end user activity which can be used for business assessment purposes.  This software also provides an opportunity to do data processing and storage solutions in a wider scale but for cheaper cost. Data warehouse references aids in lessening the time to come up for solutions to possible business concerns. It can support both structured data that are included in relational databases and unstructured data.

The software can generate and organize more credible and validated data through the BI Semantic Model, SQL Server Integration Services, Master Data Services Add-in and Data Quality Services. The Power View option permits users to browse, visualize and present data in a highly interactive environment.

This software can run lengthy workloads through the xVelocity technology which promises 10 to 100 times improvement in data processing. Different audit tools such as filtering, user-preferred audit options and resilience options have been incorporated to the software that can help in enhancing the value of data security and compliance. It ensures fast and secured data transmission from server to the cloud with disaster recovery options to back up the process. With all of the aforementioned features, the SQL Server Developer Edition gives the business users the peace of mind that their database system is efficiently working for the betterment of the organization.

(SQL Server Developer Edition 2012)

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