Expired20% Discount – SOUND FORGE Pro 12 + 13

$319.20 $399
20% Discount – SOUND FORGE Pro 12 + 13
20% Discount – SOUND FORGE Pro 12 + 13
$319.20 $399

SOUND FORGE Pro 12 + 13 - Advanced Audio Waveform Editor

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Articles about the previous versions of Sound Forge Pro

Sound Forge Pro 10 Does Wonders for Audio Projects

The Sound Forge Pro 10 is made especially for the use of audio makers, producers, and editors. With the use of this software program, the music maker or editor can have a complete and unadulterated control over the audio he or she is working on. Whether the user is editing or creating, in the realm of the workplace, studio, or even in the field, it is guaranteed that this software will help produce quality output through its wide array of features. Other than the extensive line of program features, the final output is guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

Features of Sound Forge Pro

First and foremost, what users look for in audio editing software is the assurance that it will produce the perfect quality of sound. In the end, it is all that matters. The most important aspect of creating, editing, or producing music is to provide any client or listener with a sound that will exhibit all the maker’s vision, completely and clearly. With this, Sound Forge Pro 10 promises just that with all its proud technical capabilities.

The software can support 24-64 bit float 192 kHz files. It can seize even the subtlest of overtones and minute differences of different effects, vocals, and instruments in terms of changes or fluctuations. Moreover, the software has an ability to produce the industry’s highest form of quality audio.

On the other hand, for the editors, the software is equipped with the most specific and flexible editing tools. It will allow users to conduct editing in terms of the multi-channel, stereo, and mono audio files so as to change the levels. All its functions are all easy and quick to use applying the same familiar commands such as copy-pasting, mixing, and crossfading. The software on the other hand can allow for much more in-depth and precise editing, such as fading effects, and interchanging of audio in between different channels. These qualities in turn allow the user to work on different aspects all at the same time.

In terms of creating audio from scratch, the Sound Forge Pro 10 is equipped with all the necessary tools for recording. It will allow the user to even record audio right from a sound card. The user can also make use of the Record Timer function to keep track of working time from the beginning until the end of any particular session. There is also the Threshold Record Triggering function that allows the user to record an audio if it reached a certain threshold.

Aside from the already impressive capabilities of the software, it presents more. The software also has a feature that can eliminate unwanted problems such as static noises, hissing, humming, popping sounds, and clicking sounds due to other contributing factors. The software also has built-in effects to master the audio. This in turn aids users to produce quality that is fit for professional use.

The software can also produce output that is compatible with video files for scoring or background effects. All in all, the Sound Forge Pro 10 is the best tool to produce or edit audio files for optimum quality as demanded by the industry.