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WinPopup Gold is used in more than 40 countries, over 500,000 downloads…

WinPopup Gold is a useful tool to send, receive messages and chat through your local network.

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TOP reasons to Buy

safe Safe, no Internet access

for local network Only for your local network

no server need No server need, self setup

Offline messages Send message to offline contact

Exchange short messages

chat on your lan Chat with your coworkers

See who is online

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Should you go for “Win Popup Gold” scheme?

Win Popup Gold is unique software based on your local secure network, which allows its users to chat, send and receive messages without the use of internet. Win Popup Gold does not require any server or ip address for its set-up. In that context, this software spells convenience. Moreover, you can send messages to other Win Popup Gold user, even when the specified contact is offline.  Added specifications in this software make sending and retrieving of messages manageable and enjoyable. With its media address book and customizable contact feature, the user of Win Popup Gold can send, receive and manage messages in the most professional manner. Win Popup Gold gives real time information of the user who is connected apart from providing you the list of other Win Popup Gold users. With Win Popup Gold it becomes very easy to send files as well as assigning of sounds and visuals to each contact. Win Popup Gold adheres to skin support and operates in multi-languages.

Its Features

Win Popup Gold is a lightweight application, which gives instant messaging a new dimension of thrill, fun and convenience. This software also values the security aspect of its end user. By Win Popup Gold, one can choose the type of confirmation one would like to receive his message. Win Popup Gold allows the user to receive his message in various forms such as a popup by way of a message box, or in form of a standardized message or a mere message depicting history rendering freedom of status change. Just like other hybrid messaging platforms, this specialized messaging software renders inbuilt authority to its user to track message contents via browsing through history. A user can read, delete or print the stored messages. Likewise, a user has freedom to sort the messages in the visual view of his preference. Win Popup Gold comes with an all new recipient list selector, making it indeed better than ever. A user of Win Popup Gold can optimally join any file to his message, so as to enable sharing of the file with other Win Popup Gold users.  Win Popup Gold indeed excels in rendering compatibility and convenience to its users. Users of Windows 95/98 or even Samba Linux can use this unique software with ease, upon choosing an appropriate message channel. Win Popup Gold makes itself compatible even with Win Popup from Microsoft. With Win Popup Gold, one can easily translate his conversation in any other language, in real time and in less than 10 minutes. Many options of display render this software manageable and un-obstructive.  As regards the inherent powers conferred on the Administrator, he can define and re-define special access given to any other Win Popup Gold user. Such accessibility to its users can be deployed to all computers with efficacy through appropriate restore and backup functions.

Final Words

Win Popup Gold is not mere messaging software. It is an internet independent lightweight messaging tool, which comprises several high-end functionalities embodied in other contemporary heavy-weight messaging platforms. Win Popup Gold is must buy for anyone who enjoys an optimal mix of communication fun combined with advanced technology.

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