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SiteSpinner Pro

SiteSpinner Pro – An Overview

Having a website for your company nowadays is fairly common, with practically a growing number of company websites being launched everyday for products and services ranging from apples to zoo supplies. With the diversity of products and services being offered online, not having a company website is like admitting that you still use Stone Age implements (or a typewriter) for your documents. With a ready market of more than 2 billion people, setting up and launching a company website could be the best strategy a company ever had for years.

Here are just a sample of how having a website can make wonders for business:

  • Having a website establishes your global presence.
  • A lot of your customers can know more about your company online.
  • It is much cheaper to set up and maintain compared to print, radio and television.
  • It provides more exposure compared to competitors who do not have a website.
  • It enables you to take care of customer concerns in real-time and 24/7 basis.
  • It enhances company branding and reputation.
  • It increases potential and actual sales / revenues.
  • Most consumers today prefer to do business with a company if it has a website.

SiteSpinner Pro takes company website making one step further. If you loved SiteSpinner, you will definitely love its bigger brother, SiteSpinner Pro. SiteSpinner Pro is a professional animation, mobile and web design software package designed with you in mind. Not only does it help create clean, professional-looking websites for your computer, it can also create amazing mobile content as well. Aside from the standard SiteSpinner features, SiteSpinner Pro also includes mobile design view, real-time preview, WC3 industry standard compliance features and combined/separate layout tools. Websites designed with SiteSpinner Pro are compatible with all web hosts and browsers and is also compliant with HTML, DHTML and SVG formats.

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