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Site Spinner – Everything You Need to Know

“Getting all elements properly placed on a Web page is notoriously difficult. Power Downloader overcomes this problem with SiteSpinner“- CNet Power Downloader

“As a long-time member of  The HTML Writers Guild, I tend to be very critical about most WYSIWYG software programs. After downloading SiteSpinner V2.0 and running it through rigorists tests (trying to confuse the program), I’ll have to say that the ‘source code’ of the final product is very clean and conforms to W3C specs. I highly recommend this software for beginning web designers as well as veteran writers. An excellent web design tool”  – Scott Allcorn  (Gizzmo Enterprises)

A few decades ago, businesses relied on three major mediums to gain a foothold on their chosen niches: print, radio and television. Competition is fierce, with hundreds of companies fighting tooth and nail to get more customers knocking on their doors. However, each medium has its limitations and the most common workaround is to utilize more than one, if not all mediums. As a result, a lot of companies were able to get a significant portion of their target markets.

When the Internet was introduced, a growing number of companies saw the potential and benefits of harnessing the newfound medium for business. Soon, company websites were being launched by the hundreds. As of March 2011, there are more than 2 billion people who use the Internet. Just imagine how large that market is. Here are some of the advantages of having a company website:

  • Up and running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Improved market expansion and revenue diversification.
  • Much cheaper to maintain.
  • Convenient access for customers.
  • Improved brick and mortar presence and credibility.
  • Enhanced consumer communication.
  • Affordable market research tool.


SiteSpinner is easy-to-use website design software developed for people who do not have the luxury of time to learn HTML and other web-authoring languages. In addition, there is no need for image editing software, image creation programs (i.e. Paint), or FTP software since everything required to get a website up and running is built into SiteSpinner. To make it simpler, the user can choose from a variety of pre-installed templates.

SiteSpinner has the following features:

  • Graphics creation tool
  • Image editing tool
  • Object positioning and sizing tool
  • Text editor
  • Table editor
  • Form editor
  • Import object
  • iFrames tool
  • Special effects
  • Website publishing tool

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